Boycott Fox news!

America is in crisis. Our government no longer belongs to us. It has been taken captive by a coterie of liars and jackanapes led by the biggest liar, scoundrel and buffoon America has ever voted onto its national stage. A scoundrel most likely ushered into office by Russian agents and given full cover for his transgressions by—you know it without me saying so—FOX NEWS.

At the very moment we need to come together as a nation; when everything we’ve built and stood for in the 75 years since World War 2 is in danger of being torn apart and trashed underfoot, FOX NEWS spews out lies and heavily-slanted news to assist those who are destroying the values on which this country was founded. 

Boycott Fox Sports!

Under Fox’s unfair and imbalanced reporting, the president is not being impeached for holding back military aid to Ukraine to coerce their help against a political rival. Rather, under Fox’s impaired vision and slanted voice, Trump is a hero under attack. Impeachment is not a constitutional imperative for such a self-serving abuse of power, but rather an attempted coup by the Democrats. And under their non-stop barrage of lies, misinformation and extreme opinions, FOX NEWS is following a pattern first set forth by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. “Lie big, lie often, and lie like it’s the truth.” 

Until the lie becomes the truth.

Incendiary, misinformed and nobody’s friend except Trump’s.

And now we’ve come to a crossroads. With President Trump caught red-handed trying to bully and extort Ukraine against the national security interests of the United States, we are set on a course that threatens to tear the country apart. No longer can we afford to let FOX NEWS spread its lies and prop up this monstrous mistake in the White House. Nor to provide a platform for those who would lie in Trump’s defense or profit by his continued grip on our government.

Boycott 20th Century Fox movies!

To break the hold FOX NEWS has secured on a vast segment of Americans, we need to hit them where it hurts, on their bottom line. It serves Rupert Murdoch’s financial interests to continually stir up the hornet’s nest, to incite anger and unrest, to create enmity between political factions and segments of American society. 

Well, to hell with that. And to hell with them!

If we are to heal our divided nation, we need to shut off the spigot of lies flowing from FOX NEWS. 

Since most of us never watch FOX NEWS for the very reasons mentioned above, we can’t threaten to boycott the station. But we can BOYCOTT all FOX communication outlets. That means BOYCOTTING FOX Sports, BOYCOTTING FOX TV, and BOYCOTTING 20th Century Fox movies. If that doesn’t work, we can later add The World Street Journal and every other newspaper owned by the Murdochs.

Yes, even the NFL on Fox!
Boycott them all!

For this FOX BOYCOTT to work, FOX Corporation in all its highly successful embodiments must be treated like the outlier, menace and troublemaker FOX NEWS itself has become. 

To save our country and help restore its honor and decency, BOYCOTT FOX in all its forms.

I’m starting today. What about you?




    Love the idea, although I’m purposely on a Trump direct mail list and occasionally check in on Fox just to keep track of the absolute lies and Fascist trash they’re peddling. Helps keep my anger at a fever pitch. How can Chris Wallace work there? A side note…went to the Holocaust Museum last week-end and saw the origins of Tump everywhere. It was quite remarkable. As we slowly moved through you would hear mumbling over and over. “Oh my god. It’s Trump.” Or, “Shit. This is happening now!” and more.

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Thought I would put out the idea and see what happens. At the very least, there will be one less client for all the non Fox News stuff Fox puts out. Including the NFL on Fox. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Norm Dauria

    Your article was spot on in every detail that you cited. I refer to “fox” news as “fox” propaganda which it is. I don’t and can’t listen or watch anything to do with Murdoch’s propaganda machine. The people that buy into this ill factual nonsense haven’t any idea how they are being played. “fox” is all about protecting the wealthy element of this society and nothing more. Rupert made his money and media presence through gangster tactics way back when. He is a low life criminal just like the lunatic currently attempting to run the U.S.
    I am, without a doubt, in favor of the boycott that you suggest. I would add another corporation to the boycott list, that being Facebook, an entity that I believe was very helpful in Trump’s election.

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Hi Norm: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Part of the problem is that propaganda is rarely seen for what it is by the people who succumb to it. I just hope we can give Fox News an early ending, hopefully before they foment internecine war. Cheers!


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