Gotta be quick. Things are happening fast.

Saw my President on TV last night and he sent me the signal, “Stand back. Stand by!”

To most of you, it was just another “Fucked up thing,” your crazy president said, but to me, it was as close to the national anthem as one can get without raising a flag.

“Stand back. Stand by!” Just another way of saying “Lock and load!” except only those of us who know the code, know what it means.

“Stand back. Stand by!” Take the safety off your trigger and be prepared to follow our boy Kyle Rittenhouse into deadly battle. Kyle only killed two-and-a-half black-loving, free-lovin’ Democratic hippy protesters (the ‘half’ is ’cause he only shot off one guy’s trigger arm) but then Kyle was a trailblazer and only needed to show us the way.

“Stand back. Stand by!” Stand by the door boys. We’re the only thing standing between our president and the sickos, psychos, socialists and pinkos out to get him and tear down our once proud American traditions. Traditions like keeping blacks in their place and keeping whites in charge, saluting the Confederate flag and defending our right to buy semi-automatic rifles and pistols.

“Stand back. Stand by!” Keep your shooting eye poised on those blue-bellied fuckin’ Democrats; before we’re done we might have to shoot them all. We’ll see what our leader says.

“Stand back. Stand by!” You gotta hand it to my President. What a great fuckin’ debate!


  1. Moish

    Stand Back. Stand By. means to me that there will be Proud Boys and other right wing psychos with guns at the polling places determining who is allowed to vote. What happens if Trump also orders the Marines, Army, etc.,to impose his will at the polling places? You know that he will try to throw out as many Biden votes and voters as he can. This may be the most dangerous time of our democracy.

    Stand Back and keep going back until you are up against the wall or fall over the cliff.

    You have been most prolific and your blog is always welcome. Keep them coming

  2. Paul Steven Stone Post author

    Thanks, Moish. I worry about wearing out my welcome with my readers. Only thing is I got to write what I got to write. Appreciate your feedback, old friend! Keep it coming!

  3. john bach


    I honor your outrage and you speak so powerfully and clearly for many of us. Our gratitude. Keep on writing! You will never wear out your welcome.


    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Brother: Can’t think of anyone I’d want in my corner more than U. Your words of encouragement give me validation like no one else. Thanks so much for being there. And like the man said, “Keep it coming! Hugs, Paul


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