To any U.S. Gov’t. employee ordered by Trump, Barr, Pompeo or any of Swamp Creatures’ minions to violate your responsibility to the American people, DON’T DO IT! Civilian employee or military, “Just say “NO!”

You’re in deep shit when you elect a president who would be king!

As he has proven countless times, Trump will do anything, say anything—violate any oath—to win re-election. Had he worked as hard to govern our country these last four years, he might actually deserve reelection. But as someone recently said, “It is what it is.” 

When asked to violate your values, your oath to the Constitution, JUST SAY “NO!”

Most worrisome, the U.S. government has become so politicized that Trump’s high level stooges have shown no hesitation in using their positions of power to disgrace themselves in service to their leader. Whether it’s crippling the post office, mounting a bogus political investigation, hiding the truth about a pandemic, or extorting political favors from Ukraine, the Trump gang is without any moral compass or inhibitions. 

When asked to violate your values, your oath to the Constitution, or your personal commitment to integrity, JUST SAY NO!” 

Make no mistake, it will not be easy. In standing up to these scrubbed-up thugs and sycophants, you’ll be displaying the courage and integrity they so sorely lack. And they will hate you for it. But in taking a stand, as others are doing in increasing numbers, you will help create momentum for a post-election commission to forge a pathway back to jobs abandoned by PRISONERS OF CONSCIENCE in our government. 

It will not be easy standing up to these scrubbed-up thugs and sycophants.

Make no mistake, the Trump gang will be in full panic mode leading up to the election, and they will have no hesitation in enlisting your assistance, even though that would be illegal. You had best be prepared and assume you will be tested. 

And when that time comes…

JUST SAY “NO!” to participating in political actions you will regret all your life.

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