I admire the Republicans. The way they stare down the truth about Donald J. Trump in order to rise to his well-deserved defense. Never have I admired a group more for their honesty, sincerity and highly admirable blind loyalty. 

“It doesn’t matter if our Congressmen
and Senators tell lies,” said Pinocchio.
“There are as many reasons to ignore Trump’s transgressions as there are to impeach America’s best and most mistreated President.”

How could anyone in their right mind, not admire the way the Republicans threw caution to the wind and their reelections to fate by defending Donald Trump against the interests and purview of the United States Constitution? Their bravery and staunch resolution amidst a damning flood of news reports and credible testimony is unparalleled in the annals of misdirected blind loyalty. Especially in light of how much that testimony undermines Trump’s discredited defense and their quickly vanishing integrity. 

Good show, guys! America will never forget your service and sacrifice.

Yesterday, about twenty of the Republicans I admire most signaled their frustration over the impossible task of defending the President by bursting en masse into a closed-door meeting of the House Intelligence Committee. For me, it matters not that these Republicans have no logical or reasonable defense of Trump’s crimes; just like them, I’m outraged that Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee would interrogate witnesses behind closed doors and allow a clear story of Trump’s transgressions to emerge. 

My favorite Republicans always tell the truth!

Lastly, why would we lose any sleep over the security of Ukraine, or its people? Or the dubious fate of those pesky Kurds? Why should I care if Russia or Turkey invades or kills off these troublesome sects and shithole countries? The Kurds may have been Obama’s allies, but they’re not mine. 

As you can tell from my words, I will support Trump and continue to kiss his ass and his ring no matter how many people he shoots on Fifth Avenue.

They’d probably be Kurds, anyway.


  1. Norm Dauria

    The group that put this ridiculous message together knows who they are appealing to and that being Trump’s highly ignorant base. The same ones that don’t have the intellect to know that they are supporting a thug that cares only about himself and the other wealthy donors that support him for the generous tax breaks that he affords them.
    The fools that support trump are desperate and understandably believe anything that might allow hope for their future. They have to ask themselves what has Trump really done for them compared to what he has done for himself, family, and other multi million and billionaires. In their defense the majority of ignorant Trump supporters don’t have the time to politically educate themselves due working long hours with their poor paying jobs and most often get their news from “fox”. “fox” is a right wing propaganda station that reports whatever it chooses regardless whether it it factual or not and these fools believe its reported content.
    If this clown is re-elected it’s a sure bet that the little respect that we still have from other nations will disappear. Just today he asked to have both the Washington Post and the New York Times discontinued from all federal agencies because they don’t flatter him the way all dictators think and act.
    So wake up Trump supporters because the slick organization that put this pathetic article together understands you very well

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Hey Norm I agree with the gist of your comments. I guess you didn’t notice my post was satirical. Sorry for the confusion, but thanks for sharing your thoughts without the use of foul language.

    2. Norm Dauria

      Paul, I really enjoy your site. I wish that we were able to get more people involved. I really enjoy smart well thought out comments which there are too few these days. Regards, Norm

  2. Michael Steffen

    I appreciate the contre-jour of your satire, as always, Paul. I’ve watched things go from dubious to in-your-face yes we’re unconstitutional get-over-it. I couldn’t be more certain as to what this administration deserves, yet I fear its ultimate court The People and their lasting resentment over having an African-American President and marriage rights for people who love differently. The reactionary tides have been so powerful in enabling the most corrupt, but also the most conspicuously corrupt government we have seen since Harding or Hoover. Thanks to voices like yours we stand a chance of keeping people mindful of their own conspiracy with this crap.


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