America is currently in the midst of a bad trip. The kind of trip where the hallucinations start off enjoyable and end up frightening; going from Disney to Tarantino in less than 60 seconds!

hammerI’ve never been in a position like this before! Every day I’m receiving critically important information from the American congress, government and mainstream media. AND I DON’T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT!

If you’ve been following this story from its earliest beginnings, you’ll recall the Russians first made their entrance the day after Wikileaks leaked the DNC emails. The very next day! To divert focus from the content of the emails to their hackers, the DNC sent out Donna Brazile, the poster child for dishonest party hacks, and Robby Mook, Clinton Campaign Manager, to spread suspicion that Russia was behind the leaked emails.trump

It was a piece of Publics Relations brilliance. To reply to all accusations of election tampering and fraud by pointing a finger at America’s Number One Boogeyman, the RUSSIANS! And then to have the American government back up those suspicions…!

Of course, in a news environment where journalists actually did their job, such a claim would not be blithely accepted or almost instantly confirmed by a government already shown to have worked assiduously for Hillary Clinton’s election.

Shepard Faery HillaryYes, ‘worked for Hillary’s election!’ How else could any sane American view the government’s refusal to prosecute Hillary Clinton for making a mockery of American security laws, or for using the state department as a marketing arm for Bill Clinton, Inc. and the Clinton Foundation?

But then again, this is a government where the Attorney General of the United States meets secretly with Bill Clinton three days before Hillary is exonerated. This by itself would warrant a special prosecutor in an administration committed to law rather than a political party!

Ordinarily, a major ethical misstep like the Clinton/Lynch assignation would set the dogs of journalism barking. But these days nothing is ordinary. Not when the media, the Democratic Party, and the United State government, including the State Department, the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, are all in collusion, having worked together unsuccessfully to elect Hillary Clinton the 45th president of the United States.

And so our government agencies, which for six months ignored the cries and complaints of election fraud in rigged Democratic primary after rigged Democratic primary, are now expressing concern about the integrity of our elections? Sorry, Obama; sorry CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSA, you don’t get to decide when—and when not—to protect our electoral system, nor do you retain a shred of credibility when, for six months you ignored the Democratic Party tampering with the voting rights of millions, but now ACCUSE THE RUSSIANS WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE.

And how unprofessional of newspapers like the Washington Post and New York Times to print news stories about suspected Russian involvement in our presidential election, when all they can quote are “unnamed sources” in our intelligence agencies? Somebody’s agenda is being foisted on us, and our trusted 4th estate has become their unwitting tool.

If you can’t trust The New York Times whom can you trust?

As I said, we are in the midst of a bad trip. If we are not actually hallucinating, then some of our most trusted institutions have proven themselves corrupt and are acting very strangely.

And Mainstream Media has its own credibility problem—big time! Refusing to acknowledge their pivotal role in censoring and distorting the news to assist Hillary’s campaign, they can’t admit that a.) the Democratic nomination was indeed stolen or b.) they failed to report on rampant and blatant election fraud in the Democratic primary, or c.) they didn’t deal seriously with election tampering until now, when the RUSSIANS can be conveniently blamed for their brilliant Trump-enabling election tampering.

Ironically, when you read a story about the Russians tampering with our election, there is no mention of Hillary’s election fraud, or the history of fraud and tampering that shadows this singular American presidential election.

So, now, of course, once the government and the media are seen to have engaged in enabling Hillary’s criminal enterprise, nobody can comfortably believe anything they say in relation to Trump’s election victory, the DNC’s hacked emails, John Podesta’s pizza-laced emails, or Hillary’s apparent victory in the popular vote.

See what I mean by the similarity of our collective American experience to a bad acid trip? You can’t make this stuff up!

I don’t know about you, but I assume Trump out-cheated Hillary in the general election. I can’t imagine the Clinton campaign would go to all the trouble to steal the nomination, then leave the general election up to the will of the people.

But none of this gets reported or spoken about, or commented upon in the mainstream media, which still pretends it did its job reporting the 2016 election. And now regards it as their sacred obligation to prove beyond a doubt that the Russians are responsible for the ascent of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

And, anything that says different, of course, was obviously written by those very same god-damn Russians themselves!



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  1. Richard Wilhelm

    Paul: Normally I applaud all your posts but this one–well, I certainly agree with your comments regarding the Clinton camp disenfranchising many Sanders voters, etc. but I think your post is ill-timed. The truth is we, i.e., people seeking health coverage, guaranteed medicare and social security benefits, at least some degree of movement toward addressing climate change, would be better off if Hillary were president. We are facing a clear turn toward authoritarianism–fascism, to be honest–that will prove to be one of the darkest moments in our history. The neoliberal era of capitalism in which we find ourselves, beginning about 35 years ago, ultimately needs a turn toward authoritarianism. Democracy at some point becomes incompatible with austerity, extreme inequality, crushing organized labor, and shredding the social safety net. The Republicans are pursuing all these goals and need an authoritarian government to achieve them. Democracy is inimical to the neoliberal project. I share all your criticisms of Hillary as a neoliberal herself but think it unwise to voice them now. Your post could almost be read as that of a Republican-leaning writer. I know you are not but, again, I can only wish it was Hillary stepping into the Oval Office and not the Fascist Pussygrabber. Dick

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Hi Richard: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don’t believe this is a pro-Trump or anti-Hillary essay, but rather an attempt to clarify the dangers of the press, the government and the establishment collaborating in a way that threatens basic democracy. We are being led and misled by all three institutions to accomplish their own ends, some of which might be in alignment with the concerns you share, but no guarantee either way. I share your concerns about Trump and our entering a dark period in history, but perhaps we entered those dark times when our leaders first stole and suppressed our votes, or then acted as if it never happened, either way not trusting us to vote correctly. Again, thanks for sharing your concerns, Richard!

    2. Eruanion

      I disagree with you Richard. Had Hillary won, we’d be facing a full out war with Russia. They had been preparing for it , right up until Trump was declared winner. If they had hacked the election, you’d think they’d have more faith in their people than that. Additionally, Hillary wasn’t going to make many changes, and she was pushing for war with Russia. We’d have been in a similar boat as we are now, except worse, because the GOP would still control Congress. How much would Hillaryhave given away? Remember, she kept talking about how she could work with those people who “hated” her and wanted to “destroy” her (her words, not mine) .

  2. Ellen

    For the CIA to do the revelations at this time just before Electoral college confirmation and to have strong arms from both sides of Congressional ISLE condemn and call for Investigation, says to me that Pres-elect may have induction problems into that office. And many welcome that option, I feel sure. Russians can care of themselves. One right thing resonated to me from you that “Russians” remain on the feared adversary list by many Americans -been deeply indoctrinated here. IF he is ‘blocked’ by the College, etc. “I told you so” will follow. Cross fingers for now.

    Also right on your blog, no evidence shown, which we seem not to need when that name comes up.

  3. Ellen

    Thanks Paul,
    Because of astute citizen analysis such as yours, Harpers, RSN and New Yorker and local reports, I am now convinced that the “Russian card” was solely a way to deflect the preceeding US superior cyber spying and election obstructing globally, and also election rigging – from ‘voting rights’ decline to California rig against Sanders. Of course, whether he will be worse than her is your guess as well as mine. Many are already getting accustomed to his bi-polar personality and betting that for the short run internationally, he will become an isolationist nationalist TYPE, but reve up the nuclear, and reduce the publicly unpopular man on the ground getting blown up imagery, plus wasted tax money. But all the time setting the stage for the big “F” coming down the pipe if we protest too loudly. Defense budget propels us, and no one should forget that for a second. Most of our privilege comes from that budget which is a truism we cannot forget.

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