The Question That Will Impeach The Donald*#

Excerpted from “The Tragic Comedy of TRUMPTY DUMPTY, A Play By William Shakespeare (channeled by Paul Steven Stone)

“If only they hadn’t asked the question!”

The Biggest Q of All

Out to bag a big one!

“And then, the biggest question of all: “Were you put in office by Vladimir Putin…to break up NATO…to create instability and chaos…to undermine our military…to construct a burden of debt Amerikka will never escape…to bring Russia back into the G8…to foment trade instability… to sow dissension with our neighbors and allies…to provoke divisions within our own people…to destroy the fabric of Amerikkan society by playing to its worst tendencies…and to leave Amerikka isolated on the world stage?”

*From “The Tragic Comedy of Trumpty Dumpty,” a play written by William Shakespeare (channeled by Paul Steven Stone) and presented as an Over-The-Cliff-Notes version of a recently discovered Shakespearean play. You can find it at:

#Meant by the author to remind a too-forgetful public that Donald J. Trump, the man we call our president, enlisted the aid of Vladimir Putin to win his office.

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