The CDC Issues “CLINTON TOXICITY ALERT!” Warns Contact Could Prove Fatal To One’s Reputation.


Following a string of highly visible career implosions centered around Washington, D.C., Little Rock Arkansas and New York City, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta issued a stern warning to anyone considering an alliance—personal or professional—with Bill or Hillary Clinton.Clintons

According to the CDC’s CLINTON TOXICITY ALERT, “There are two types of professional fatalities commonly associated with the Clintons: Individual and Institutional.” Individual Professional Toxic Infection usually occurs after experiencing regular or occasional contact with Hillary or Bill Clinton, where inevitably one is drawn into a web of deceit, dishonesty and self-enrichment. “Almost always,” the alert continues, “to the detriment of the victim’s reputation, as well as to their soul and moral compass.”

Recent toxic outbreaks cited by the CDC, where reputations and careers were unalterably stained or ruined because of Clinton contact include Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, President Barack Obama, Congresswoman and ex-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Clinton son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky, Senators Elizabeth Warren, Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer, and State Department IT expert Bryan Pagliano. In most cases, the CDC notes, Clinton Toxic Infection victims were leading normal, ethical and non-criminal lives when without warning they came within infection range of Bill or Hillary Clinton.

The CDC cites one recent case where the victim had as little as 30 minutes contact with a toxic Clinton. Blithely ignorant of being infected, she later explained, “We were only speaking about grandchildren and golf,” as if the superficiality of the conversation should have protected her from a toxic infection of her moral foundation. Later actions proved her highly susceptible to the sudden moral shrinkage that comes with Clinton Toxic Infection, her reputation now in tatters and universally execrated.

The fatal diminishment of institutional reputations is a common outgrowth of Clinton contact, especially regular ongoing contact. Institutions whose reputations were irredeemably stained or besmeared by contact with the Clintons include The U.S. Presidency, The U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. State Department, The FBI, the Democratic Party, Goldman Sachs and the Clinton Foundation, though the latter is often listed as a perpetrator rather than a victim in the spread of the fatal disease.

Individuals or organizations who fear they may have experienced intimate contact with Hillary or Bill Clinton are advised to immediately seek counsel from a priest, Jimmy Carter or an exorcist.


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2 thoughts on “The CDC Issues “CLINTON TOXICITY ALERT!” Warns Contact Could Prove Fatal To One’s Reputation.

  1. Michael Keane

    To all the Hillary Clinton Trolls:

    If you call yourself a donkey, or you call yourself an elephant,

    Do US all a favor and just call yourself, “Irrelevant”.

    The game is fixed, through bankster’s tricks and anyone,

    With half-a-knows, can tell just by the smelluvit.

    But, Filp it here and Flop it there,

    Flip a coin, for all you care.

    It is your game, you bought and sold it

    and we are here to see you fold it.

    So… move along, you are nothing to see,

    Just pandering, lies and Hillary.

    But? Oh my God, could that be Bill? Blocking the polls for his wife,

    The Crook?

    Remember folks, these are the Clintons and when it comes to corruption?

    They wrote the book.

    So, bring your crackers to the polls and look for Bill on one of his strolls.

    And vote for Hillary, it’s the “RIGHT THING” to do,

    She’s all full of beans: a Republican Shrew…

    “RIGHT” there while she’s troughing, Republican stew.

    She’s so packed full of beans, she’s been rendered quite


    While she’s banking on Wall Street and their feast filled with


    Speaking of Leeches and Clintons and Speeches,

    How ’bout all those emails and security breaches?

    I’m sure they mean nothing, now they are lost

    And I’m sure we are safe to survive all the cost…

    Now that the evidence and Truth have been tossed.

    But, we should be afraid, because, while the Clintons

    aren’t “Social” and they aren’t into “Isms”, they are

    into crime and political Schisms. So we should care quite a bit

    About their criminal behavior, as, although she’s a woman,

    She’s not quite a “Savior”.

    Despite quite a few with present dents in their head, that think?

    A criminal corruption, for “President” instead.

    So, it’s Hillary Clinton, now hangin’ with Chad and voter suppression,

    The new DNC fad.

    After all, who needs a fair election?

    In the presence of a Clinton that can’t phallus erection.

    After all, it’s just part, of the Big Banker Game:

    Queen Clinton – now – Bush League and more-of-the-same.

    So, “Cut it out” and “Tone it down”

    I’m Hillary Clinton, the Big Banker’s Clown.

    An Arkansas cracker of criminal renown and heel wearing flip-flops

    And a big phony crown.

    Senator Sanders, We The People, Abe Lincoln’s Greenback Dollar. Investigate and Jail the Criminal Bankers and their corrupted, playmate politicians 2016.

    Please feel free to post and share on FB

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Thanks for sharing, Mike, though I suspect the Clintons are not caring, Yikes! But a bit of fun doggerel does help the bad news go down. Paul


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