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Take a deep breath and look around. 

The world is still spinning, birds still chirping, the air still circulating and feeding your lungs. There is nothing in the present moment that will hurt you or harm your future. 

Unless you choose to make it so.

In the present moment you are safe and free from harm. All your fears are mere speculation about the future. Wisps of movie plots summoned by a mind too familiar with history’s darkest moments. Insights shabbily based on worst case scenarios.

No matter what you fear will happen, the future will make its own decisions. Fate has never been based on projections that arise from one’s own insecurities. 

Currently our chief scary thing

That is not to say bad things will not be coming at you, or that your insights into human nature will prove false. Whatever is meant to happen will happen. Bad people will inevitably do bad things. Greed and selfishness will undoubtedly breed bad behavior. Much of it, if tackled before it grows unmanageable, can be avoided or lessened. But the future will come whether you wish it to or not.

If it helps, keep in mind that we are not living in a time of exceptional or unprecedented danger. Other Americans have faced larger challenges and unimaginable threats. We do not face annihilation of our race or way of life, as did the innocent and woefully outnumbered native Americans. Nor are we—present invective aside— poised on the brink of a devastating civil war. So, yes, the Union still stands. Albeit a little more shakily after the events of last week in Washington.

You would do well to live in the present moment, as much as you can. It is only there that the concerns about the future can be met with appropriate action and words. Whether it be joining a political campaign, writing letters to newspapers or educating yourself about what is really going on.

Perhaps even writing a blog post…?

You are not wrong if you judge our country and its leaders to have lost their way. The evidence is too overwhelming to be denied. Nor are you wrong to have concerns about where things will lead.

But rather than lose sleep about the fate we are heading towards, act now while that fate can still be shaped.

And, please, don’t forget to breathe.