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If you live in Texas, these are some of the Republicans you should NOT vote for.
  1. THEY LIE: The lies did not begin with Trump, they merely achieved a new level of acceptability and viability under the shadow and impetus of the Republican’s Liar-in-Chief.
  2.  THEY CARE ABOUT GUNS MORE THAN CHILDREN’S LIVES. If you need me to flesh this one out, you have not been following the news. How many more mass shootings will it take—how many more children’s lives must be sacrificed—before Republicans see that allowing guns in the wrong hands—or obstructing laws that prevent free access to guns— is tacitly abetting and supporting these horrendous attacks? The Uvalde shooter obtained his two AK-15’s legally under Federal and Texas state laws.
  3. THEY TRIED TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The evidence has already emerged, and it is heartbreakingly clear, that January 6th was not a spontaneous protest of enraged Americans, but a conspiracy of Republican leaders in the White House and Congress to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States and replace him with the man who actually lost the 2020 election. The plan, had Vice President Pence not refused to participate, would have substituted separate slates of Trump electors for those electors actually won by Joe Biden. Any way you measure it, it was a failed coup. 
  4. THEIR VISION IS FIXED FIRMLY ON THE PAST. If left to their own devices, Republicans would turn back the clock to when women could not make decisions about their own bodies, blacks could not protest their subservient place in American life without fearing for their lives, and middle-class Americans would peacefully accept that their rights, livelihoods and comforts were determined by the noblesse oblige of the upper, ruling class. 
  5. THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHER’S REPUBLICAN PARTY. Today’s Republican party, with notable exceptions, is not the political party your father once voted for. That was a party of financial vigilance, extreme patriotism and a dedication to law and order. By cloaking themselves in the American flag and a distorted view of the American Constitution, today’s Republicans pervert the very principles they once espoused. For these Republicans, Law and Order matters up until the moment Capital police officers stand in their way. Patriotism matters up until the moment a disgraced ex-president sends them to attack the seat of their government. And any pretense of financial vigilance went out the window with Trump’s tax bill, which mostly benefitted the wealthy and ignored those most needy in our American enterprise.  

There are countless reasons why you should not vote Republican in the next election, or any following election, until this nest of liars, sycophants and lawbreakers is broken up and true Republicans return to take back their party. 

One only hopes our democracy can survive until that time.


Swamp Creature, Melania, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

Yesterday I looked around and realized there was only beauty and happiness in the world. Everybody had a home, two Mercedes and a signed Christmas card from Donald and Melania Trump.

Yesterday I looked around and realized I didn’t have to wait to go to heaven.

This is for all the lovely people,
This is for those with the Midas Touch,
This is for all the ones
Who never leave
Till they have too much,
I love all the lovely people.

Yesterday I looked around and realized there was no hunger in the world, and that poverty only existed in old newsreels and fiction. Everybody had quiche for breakfast and American Express for emergencies.

Yesterday I looked around and realized I was no longer just a man. I was a member of a club, and membership had its privileges.

This is for all the lovely people,
This is for summers at the shore,
This is for Donald Trump
Who never stops
Working at the pump,
God bless all the lovely people.

Yesterday I looked around and realized there was nobody in the world that needed my help. Everybody had more than enough love and every child knew just what they wanted for Christmas.

Yesterday I looked around and realized there was no reason to wait for the second coming. It couldn’t get any better than this.

This is for all the lovely people,
This is for People Magazine,
This is for all the ones
Whose private jets
Are kept shiny and clean,
God loves all the lovely people.

Yesterday I looked around and realized there was nothing I had to do for anybody. Everybody had gotten exactly what they deserved from life and only deserved to get more.

Yesterday I looked around and realized I was the center of the universe. Oh, why did I wait so long to join the Republican Party?


A few gems from a killer cabinet!

Let me start with a shocking statement: I feel bad for Trump and his gang of Republican sycophants. 

As one who believes in the Law of Karma, I need not worry about justice or some form of final accounting. It will come in its own good time. Trump and Crew will get theirs. In what form, I cannot say. But I do know for every misdeed, obfuscation and outright lie these characters perpetrate there will be a debt incurred and a payment later extracted.

To be honest, most of the time I have no feelings about these self-justifying miscreants other than anger, outrage and frustration. But every once in a while I wonder about the damage they are doing to their souls…? 

The Old White Men’s Club.

To their immortal souls?

That’s when I feel bad for them. Perhaps they should know better, or care more; but perhaps they’re just too blinded by the brilliance of their brief moment in the national spotlight to see beyond the immediate stakes of political win-or-loss.

Too blinded, sad to say, to see that the world they are shaping for themselves is a world without honor or shame. 

“…most likely an individual who was polite and courteous, with a certain level of personal respect, someone deftly shaped by a system penetrated to its core by honor and integrity.”

If you’ve ever had the good fortune to speak with an American soldier, at any grade level, most likely you found an individual who was polite and courteous, with a certain degree of self- respect, someone deftly shaped by a system penetrated to its core by honor and integrity. A system that would reject each and every moral dwarf who defends this indefensible thuggish president. A president unworthy of the title—and certainly unworthy of their loyalty—whose own political ambitions were so over-riding they subsumed the safety and welfare of an entire nation. 

I was surprised when former Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona used the phrase, “There is still time to save your souls,” in warning his fellow Republicans there was more at stake than political maneuverings. Each Trump apologist—and they are all Republicans—must live with telling lies on a daily basis. As soldiers in a criminal enterprise, they’ve signed on to spread falsehoods—or gaslight any fact that speaks against their unstable overlord. 

The Dissembler-In-Chief and one of his trusted Republican enablers.

Gaslighting. A frontal assault on the reality we all perceive. An attempt by Trump’s minions to build a wall of lies as the facts quickly mount up.

I sometimes find myself wondering, “How do they go home and face their children? How do they continue to raise those children with Judeo-Christian values when they have sullied and bruised those values every day on national TV?”

In a world without honor or shame, there are no blinking lights or hazard signs to warn Trump and his Republican enablers of the dangers they face down the road.

Where a deepening darkness is the only sign their souls are waiting for them.


I admire the Republicans. The way they stare down the truth about Donald J. Trump in order to rise to his well-deserved defense. Never have I admired a group more for their honesty, sincerity and highly admirable blind loyalty. 

“It doesn’t matter if our Congressmen
and Senators tell lies,” said Pinocchio.
“There are as many reasons to ignore Trump’s transgressions as there are to impeach America’s best and most mistreated President.”

How could anyone in their right mind, not admire the way the Republicans threw caution to the wind and their reelections to fate by defending Donald Trump against the interests and purview of the United States Constitution? Their bravery and staunch resolution amidst a damning flood of news reports and credible testimony is unparalleled in the annals of misdirected blind loyalty. Especially in light of how much that testimony undermines Trump’s discredited defense and their quickly vanishing integrity. 

Good show, guys! America will never forget your service and sacrifice.

Yesterday, about twenty of the Republicans I admire most signaled their frustration over the impossible task of defending the President by bursting en masse into a closed-door meeting of the House Intelligence Committee. For me, it matters not that these Republicans have no logical or reasonable defense of Trump’s crimes; just like them, I’m outraged that Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee would interrogate witnesses behind closed doors and allow a clear story of Trump’s transgressions to emerge. 

My favorite Republicans always tell the truth!

Lastly, why would we lose any sleep over the security of Ukraine, or its people? Or the dubious fate of those pesky Kurds? Why should I care if Russia or Turkey invades or kills off these troublesome sects and shithole countries? The Kurds may have been Obama’s allies, but they’re not mine. 

As you can tell from my words, I will support Trump and continue to kiss his ass and his ring no matter how many people he shoots on Fifth Avenue.

They’d probably be Kurds, anyway.


Wealth is essentially finite. It may expand or contract, but at any given time there’s only so much wealth to go around.

When a nation’s wealth and political power are concentrated in the hands of a few, the rest of its citizens are left with little scroogemore than long days of struggle, painfully-gained progress and fewer attainable dreams. We see it in the Middle East, in Africa and Asia, and in Third World countries where rulers and their cliques soak up all the wealth like so much gravy.

And we are seeing it today in America.

It won’t be long before we reach the tipping point, when students and their parents won’t have money for college, cities won’t have money for schools or libraries, governments won’t have money for basic services, and the poor won’t have money for anything, much less anywhere to turn.

It seems as if we’re living in a Charles Dickens novel where the same Dickensian actors—greed, hard-heartedness, self-righteousness and moral vacuity—have once again stepped center stage to suggest, by their actions if not their words, that it might be better for the poor to die and decrease the surplus population.

No matter that those feelings are thinly disguised behind Big Lies repeated over and over by agents and tools of the wealthy—by newspapers and TV stations owned by the rich, by a political process and Supreme Court controlled by the rich, by sound bites and legislation advanced by rich politicians—that taxes are unfair, that corporations are people, that the wealthiest among us have no obligation to assist the poorest, that God helps those who help themselves, that government exists to protect wealth rather than the welfare of its citizens, and that the surest way to help the poor is to advance the purpose and cause of the wealthy.

All these years later and still Trickle-Down Economics lives!

And those Big Lies, once the exclusive province of the Republican Party are now being echoed by those on the other side of the aisle; as the once-progressive Democratic Party, under the Clintons’ self-serving leadership, evolves to become more Republican in spirit than Democrat—sometimes called ‘Republican Light.’

And now comes word that agencies of the fabulously wealthy Koch brothers—the Heritage Foundation and others—are funding advertising campaigns to buttress the resolve of their congressional lackeys to repeal or gut Obamacare. As though the only hope for a healthier American population is a wealthier oligarchy.

If you accept the premise that, for all practical purposes, wealth is finite, that a government cannot spend more than it takes in or borrows against the future—then all the financial, economic and social upheaval in our country starts to make sense. There isn’t enough to go around when one sector gets a lock-tight grip on the purse and the purse strings. Once that happens, with so little left on the table after you pay for non-discretionary programs, those of us who aren’t wealthy or financially secure, find ourselves battling each other for an ever-dwindling slice of the GBP (Government Budget Pie). Humane and necessary programs compete one against the other. Infants battle the elderly and poor for nutrition allocations. Recovering alcoholics have to fight the homeless, as well as disabled veterans, for shelter dollars. Sesame Street fights for the very same funds sorely needed to regulate Wall Street. All the while, the public sector continues to implode and gentrification elbows families and poor people out of their homes.

We’ve moved from an era where taxes were seen as burdensome to where today the absence of sufficient tax dollars is killing the poor, eviscerating the Midle Class, and apportioning a majority of new income—58%—directly into the pockets of the richest of the rich—the 1%.

The Republican attack on public sector unions in Wisconsin is merely the edge of the scythe as it begins to mow down the social contract my generation grew up with and came to expect from a civilized society.

Collective moral bankruptcy is the problem today, not collective bargaining!

Tax breaks for the wealthy that began with Ronald Reagan and continued under George W. Bush were beyond obscene, as are the bone-deep cuts to government programs now regularly enacted by a government bled dry of its assets by the Republican Party under the guise of fiscal responsibility.  Reducing government spending reduces the need to tax those who have aggregated most of America’s assets. By protecting their excessive fortunes by shutting off the government spigot, the wealthy among us are endangering the lives and livelihoods of so many others. Children will go hungry; students will either forgo college or take on lifetime debt; retirees will see their pensions cut; people will lose their jobs and homes; many will go without winter heating fuel; cities will lay off police, teachers and firemen; while the health of our poorest citizens will dramatically decline—all done so a small group of wealthy individuals can build and accumulate ever more and more money.

We saw it in 2008. We are seeing it today. In spades!. Especially since both major parties are tightly held within the grip of the money-saturated oligarchy.

Tax the rich or kill the poor? What would Charles Dickens have done?

How about Jesus?


Revised March 6, 2017

This is an updated version of an essay I wrote a few years ago. It’s quite shocking to me how far things have gone downhill since then. With the Republicans, as good servants of their wealthy masters, continuing their assault against social security and medicare, and virtually stymieing any attempts to combat Global Warming, this world is becoming a harsh and unfriendly place in which to live…survive…?


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