Sorry, Hillary, We Can Never Forget—Or Forgive—Your Stealing The Nomination.


angry HillaryI know, I know! My candidate lost the Democratic primary (written August 2016) and now it’s time for me to fold up my Bernie tent and move over to Hillaryville, where everyone is dancing in the streets over Hillary’s being the first woman nominated to the presidency by a major party.

Well, she may be the first woman nominated, but she’s also the first woman to have stolen that nomination, and I for one will never ever forget what she did to finally grasp that nomination in her greedy vulture’s fingers.

We Berners are like a family. We like each other and try to treat others will respect and kindness. Not surprisingly, people who respond to a man like Bernie and his call for a revolution would be basically fair-minded, well-meaning and heart-based. We want to change the system even if we are doing well within its orchestrated machinations. We care about others and want to see the fruits of our combined prosperity equally shared and enjoyed. We don’t need to actually have our own children in lifelong debt from college obligations to know the system is wrong and needs to be changed. We don’t need to go to sleep hungry to know that too many people are living in poverty and that that, too, needs to be changed.

We Berners are also so committed to treating others fairly that we cringe and respond angrily when we witness some egregiously unjust situation unfold. Egregiously unjust, like the theft of the Democratic nomination which we all recently witnessed, and experienced as if we had been trapped in a twisted, horrible and inescapable nightmare.

Having watched Hillary and the DNC crapping with utmost disdain and arrogance on Bernie’s campaign by repressing our votes, cancelling our votes, changing our votes and shredding our votes; by making us travel many miles to vote, then wait many hours in line, often only to learn our party registration had been mysteriously switched, or our name had been purged from the voter lists, or that we had been given a ballot destined to be thrown away rather than counted. This is what we witnessed for over 6 months, culminating in a California primary election that proved to be a rehash of Hillary’s Greatest Hits against the precepts of Democracy and the hopes of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

The fact that President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, the corporate-owned media-ocrity, and the different state Democratic Parties were all co-conspirators, if only through their deafening silence, only makes the pain and torment of being cheated, unfairly beaten and then abused for refusing to accept Hillary’s fraudulent victory all the more unacceptable.

To wit, so unacceptable that we are leaving the Democratic Party in droves, So unacceptable that we will never ever vote for the woman whose actions in pursuit of the presidency have proven her unworthy of that very same office.

And so, Hillary, I offer the simple premise that you and the DNC have burned down whatever bridge we Bernie supporters might have crossed to ultimately return to support the Democratic nominee. In truth, you actually trashed, burned, shredded and stole that bridge.

Just like so many of our votes for Bernie Sanders.

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11 thoughts on “Sorry, Hillary, We Can Never Forget—Or Forgive—Your Stealing The Nomination.

  1. Mike Moody

    Thank you for expressing my sentiment so eloquently about Hillary and her co-conspirators stealing this election. I will not forfeit my vote for her. If she needed it, she should have tried to earn it by running a clean campaign. Hillary and the Democratic Party obviously DON’T need our votes, they have figured out the means to make it look like she is drawing massive support and winning polls and votes even when the reality is entirely different. They can steal the general election without my support, I will vote Green Party. It’s time for a major third party to put the balance of power in the control of the people, where it belongs.

  2. dani fraenkel

    You all speak for me. So good to hear from you. With the exception of my husband, I am surrounded by people who have been seduced by the fear of Trump winning. Everyone keeps giving me the SCOTUS argument as a reason for voting for HRC. Please send me good counter arguments.
    Still Bernie, now and forever,

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Not sure if this will help, but here’s something I’ve written about the problem you mention: WHY THIS BERNER IS VOTING FOR JILL STEIN. The American government is like a giant tanker at sea; it can’t turn around quickly or in a single election cycle. True change—lasting change—will take time, patience and courage. Aside from the fact Hillary Clinton stole the Democratic nomination, I won’t vote for her because I would be helping to perpetuate a system that rewards thieves and egomaniacs like our two current major party nominees, not to mention the parasites that feed off both parties and care more about their feathered nests than they do about the welfare of the American people. No, I won’t vote in any way to continue the status quo, or to reward Hillary’s thievery. Even if my vote for Jill Stein doesn’t make a whole lot of difference by itself, it will make a difference if enough voters join me in voting Green, and thus helping the Green Party emerge from obscurity to challenge the status quo. A vote for Jill Stein is not a vote for Donald Trump, it’s a vote for your children and grandchildren’s future. 
Furthermore, I can’t reward a thief with the fruits of her crime. Hillary is a gonif; she stole primary after primary, and her DNC cohorts treated Bernie like a bum. The people I regard as complicit in her theft are Obama who did nothing to stop the election fraud, the leaders of the Democratic Party who could easily see what was happening and chose to remain silent; and the Mainstream Media-ocrity who whistled and feigned ignorance as they almost tripped over the evidence of the greatest news story of the year, the theft of the Democratic nomination. WHAT A COUNTRY! I’m not sure you can call it a democracy, but it likes to pretend it is.

  3. Vivian

    The primary also revealed, up close and personal, the attitude those same democratic leaders will have if she is elected. I don’t want to even imagine the sort of behavior she will inspire as president, I’ve seen the behavior she inspires in others through out the primary. The amount of people in Washington that are oh so willing to aid and abet and look the other way is astounding. There will be no respect in her administration. There is never respect for a person who continually acts so disrespectful and encourages others to do the same.

  4. Theresa Powell

    Paul, I could not agree with you more, the outrage that I have for the DNC and HRC is beyond discription, the vile smugness, and entitlement of this corrupt party has been an eye opener, and I could NEVER vote for such a dishonest candidate as HRC. As a life long democrat, I am ashamed of this party and the HRC apologists who perform incredible mental gymnastics, and moral contradictions in order to rationalize her candidacy, it’s amazing. I will never vote for another corporate democrat again, I will only vote for genuine progressives (Berniecrats) for congress, and I’m voting for Jill Stein for president.

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Theresa. There are many of us who are profoundly disgusted with what went on this past election cycle and who would rather vote for ANYONE BUT HER. I agree, Jill Stein all the way!

      1. Linda Sang

        I agree with you, but I’d qualify that ANYONE BUT HER. I won’t vote for Donald Trump or Gary Johnson. So that leaves Jill Stein, since barring some truly historic October Surprise, Bernie’s name won’t be on the ballot.

        I might as well tell you here and now how much I love your blog. You definitely speak for me, especially at those times when the Hillbot trolls have reduced me to incoherent rage, to the point where I lose my voice (temporarily) and whatever peace of mind I may have had. I’ve told everyone who would listen that election fraud is the ultimate deal breaker for me. After the Clintonistas stole my vote, that is the *only* way they will ever get it.

        1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

          Linda: Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your very positive feedback. Yes, purposely and selfishly wounding the democracy one aspires to lead is a definite deal breaker for me, too. Hillary Clinton has proven herself unworthy of the office she wants to occupy. She has also proven she will lie, cheat and steal to get whatever she wants. I would love to see someone in the Oval Office whose character and life can serve as a model of integrity and purpose for our children; someone they can look up to without it all being a sham. I foolishly thought that might be Obama, but it wasn’t. Hillary is Al Capone in a pants suit, nothing more. The only difference being the size of the haul she hopes to steal. The quicker we put her in jail the better our country’s future will be. I especially want to thank you for sharing that my blog speaks for you.There are two main goals I have as an activist writer. First to answer an inner calling that came with my writing talent, to speak Truth to Power. And secondly to serve as a voice for the many who can’t express what they feel, but need to see they’re not alone or crazy in their thinking. I’ve been shocked to see how crooked and perverted the system has become. Shocked that not a single Democrat had the courage to stand up and call for their party to stop acting like America is some tinpot third world country where politics is all about lying and stealing. Comments like yours honestly keep me going, Linda. Thank you!

  5. Yalda

    People who change opinions based on facts are great but Hillary Clinton has flip flopped on every major issue when the tide is turning. I could never vote for a candidate like that. I want someone who cares deeply about the issues affecting me and average people. Not someone who plays the political game to gain something out of it.


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