My grandfather, Pops we call him, asked me to write this post on account of he is too upset to say the things he wants to say.

First thing he would tell you, if he wasn’t too upset to talk, is that Vladimir Putin won.  By that, Pops means that Mr. Putin, the dictator of Russia, set certain forces in motion that have resulted in a seriously weakened and humbled American adversary. 

An America divided as it has never been divided before.

By that he means an America that has lost its way, lost its north star as the moral leader of the free world, only to fall beneath the shadow of greed, hate and self-adulation as they morphed into the earthbound guise of morally bankrupt Donald J. Trump. 

“How did Americans become so dumb?” Pops repeatedly asks of anyone who will listen. “And when will the 40% that foolishly believe in Trump, who stupidly believe he cares about anyone other than himself—When will they get wise?” 

What he means, is when will Trump’s supporters see that it was all a lie? From the smallest detail of Trump’s fabricated legend as a business genius, to the traitorous porkers he told when he and his Republican co-conspirators tried to steal an election and kill our constitution? Lies they are still repeating!

“Yes, Putin won!” Pops likes to repeatedly point out. “How many Americans died unnecessarily because Putin helped elect Trump? How many died because Trump and his Republican cohorts grievously mishandled Covid-19? How many still have to die because Republican governors and politicians will carry Trump’s water and stupidly treat Covid like something to be ignored?

Pops is too upset, like I said, and so he cannot say the one thing that makes him really crazy.

“What the hell is Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice waiting for, goddammit?” Pops would say, spittle flying everywhere. “The longer they delay in charging Trump and Company with sedition for their failed coup d’etat, the more trouble, division, lies and overall bad behavior Trump and crew will stir up.”

Which means it’s a bad idea not to quickly punish Trump for turning the presidency of the United States into a shoddy favors-for-pay clearinghouse and sub-agent of both Russia and the Trump Organization.

If you ask me, my Pops knows what he’s talking about.

6 thoughts on “POPS ON TRUMP, SORT OF.

  1. mitch sidd

    It is hard to believe that “Pops” is a grandfather. Paul and I go way back.
    Very well written and to the point, Bravo.
    Unfortunately the people that hear you are not the ones that need to listen1

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Hey Mitch! Good to hear from you. Hope you and Carol are doing well. We’re still chugging along. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Tomas O'Leary

    Goddamnit you’re totally right, Pops! If there was ever even the faintest margin of conscionable
    sentient being around the amorphous edge of that pickled waddle of shite, perhaps I’d hesitate
    to damn him utterly. Alas, I am bereft of hesitation. Oh God forgive me, I do so damn him!

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Hey Tomas! Just want you to know that your comments made at the blog site have been registered and delivered. Thankfully without the pickled waddle of shite.

  3. Norm Dauria

    Spot on, I have said many times what your father has said almost identically with few exceptions. Trump has two types within his supporting base. There is the low-end ill-educated twho believe anything the moron says and then there is the greedy wealthy who care only about increasing their wealth regardless of the effects and negative consequences that it has on this nation. This wealthy greedy group is even more dangerous to our society than the brain-washed walking dead. The wealthy who support Trump are far more dangerous because of the power and influence they have over our congress and even our now lopsided Supreme Court. Very scary where this kind of ignorance and greed can take this nation.
    China isn’t missing a beat


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