Paul Steven Stone’s Greatest Hits, #4 in a series

Do do that Doo Wop that you do so well!

I always say, “What’s the purpose of an ill-spent youth if you can’t exploit it?” Which is exactly what I set out to do with my Doo Wop W.B. Mason commercial.

This commercial is one of my personal favorites. It reflects how the best work is often the most fun. I loved writing and producing “Doo Wop.” It was a nugget of my youth come to life on a commercial stage.  I was extremely fortunate, especially in my earliest W.B. years that our basic strategy for developing our brand was to produce TV commercials and print ads that created affection for W.B. out in the marketplace—with potential customers or not, it didn’t matter. Selling merchandise or not, that didn’t matter either. What mattered was winning the public’s affection, which could help to explain how W.B.’s brand seemed to go viral almost as soon as we hit the public airwaves.

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(Yikes I just noticed that #3 in the series appears to be missing from my blog postings)