Paul Steven Stone’s Greatest Hits, #1 in a series


And so my wife Amy says to me, “You’re in advertising, why don’t you advertise what you have to sell?” Which struck me as a pretty good idea and led me to this particular endeavor: hauling out some of my favorite ads and branding messages to reach new potential clients who might be in the market for a super-creative writer, copywriter, or creative director. This business loan ad was one in a series of ads that showed Rockland Credit Union obviously spending little on their advertising so they could invest their money in the community. One of my favorite campaigns. If you’re ready to create a unique, memorable brand for your business, or merely need to develop a few high-impact advertisements to get your message across, give me a shout at or 857-389-2158. And if you’re interested in┬áseeing more of my creative work, check me out at


8 thoughts on “Paul Steven Stone’s Greatest Hits, #1 in a series

  1. Bridget

    I actually wrote and submitted a proposal to Rockland for the youth Arts Arise free arts program, which they ended up granting.
    Good ad!

    1. paulsteven

      Hi Susan:

      Many thanks. No I haven’t, to be honest, for a variety of reasons. The only local shop I’ve done work for is Classic GraphX in Central Square. Generally speaking, small retailers can’t afford someone like me. But if you know someone who might be interested, please pass along my info. Again, thanks for the suggestion.

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