The News Story America Deserves To Read (a mock newspaper article)


Could Votergate Be Her Undoing?

fbiraidBrooklyn, NY — Federal agents stormed into Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters yesterday armed with search warrants and began removing boxes of files and campaign computers. At the same time papers were served at the Clinton mansion in Chappaqua, NY, accusing Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and various state Democratic parties with conspiracy to commit fraud in numerous Democratic primaries and caucuses running from the beginning of February, 2016 to the final days of the contest in June; in a multi-pronged conspiracy now known as “Votergate.”    

In short, the indictment charges the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee with a host of fraudulent acts including: the systematic purging of Sanders supporters from state voter lists; the switching of party registrations to disqualify Sanders supporters from voting in Democratic primaries; the hacking of electronic voting machines to alter voting results; and the purposeful destruction of Sanders voters’ ballots;.

After months of inaction in the face of thousands of complaints and a national media blackout that never allowed a single word of Hillary’s alleged election crimes to see the light of day, James Comey, FBI Director, apparently decided to initiate a comprehensive FBI investigation of Clinton’s controversial primary election victories. Comey, fighting to restore his reputation after the Obama Administration failed to indict Hillary Clinton for her flagrant carelessness in the handling of the country’s top secrets, refused to comment on why his agency delayed investigating what has been described as “the most flagrant election fraud conspiracy since the days of Tammany Hall.” Tammany Hall referring to a notoriously corrupt Democratic machine that was the most powerful political power broker in New York State in the early 1800’s.

Comey refused to comment for this story, but an unnamed source within the federal government told The Truthful Times, “The Director is a real straight shooter and couldn’t live with himself after being forced by his superiors to serve as the administration’s Colin Powell in explaining the government’s non-indictment of Hillary Clinton for her gross negligence in handling state secrets.” Today’s FBI action has been on the table since supporters of Bernie Sanders first began complaining of systematic election fraud going back to the Iowa Caucus, where video footage showed Clinton delegates clearly under-counting Sanders delegates while inflating their own numbers.

The FBI’s surprise investigation and resulting indictment raises many questions about the alleged months-long election fraud conspiracy. First and foremost, as many political commentators have already begun asking, “What did President Obama know about the conspiracy? And when did he know it?” Also, what role did the president play in protecting Hillary and the DNC from any government response to their alleged crimes? Additional questions arose when it was discovered the president, using an alias, had communicated with Secretary Clinton a number of times on her unsecured server. The actual alias used by the president has not been released for reasons of state security.



THIS IS A MOCK NEWS STORY, NOT THE REAL THING. I WROTE IT BECAUSE, LIKE SO MANY OTHER AMERICANS, I AM STARVED FOR JUSTICE TO BE PURSUED IN REGARDS TO HILLARY’S CRIMES, AND STARVED FOR THE NEWS MEDIA TO DO ITS DAMN JOB. This is the news article we all deserve to see. When the woman who will most likely serve as our next president, takes a crap on the Constitution and the voting rights of 13-15 million Americans; don’t you think that’s worthy of a news story?


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