“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

1st Marionette: Wow! What was…? Wait a second!

2nd Marionette: What’s up, man? You okay?

1st M.: Didn’t you see it? The sudden change of script? The background scenery suddenly shifting from dark gray clouds and gloom to clear skies, all sunshiny bright, as the song goes?

2nd M.: Now that you mention it, I did notice something. A shift—very slight—Thought it might have been something I ate at lunch.

1st M.: Sorry, friend, it was a bit more profound than that. Did you notice the music we’re dancing to hasn’t changed, but the lyrics have…? I was dancing to the Amy Klobuchar Waltz, and you were tap dancing to…?

2nd M.: …the Peter Buttigieg two-step!

1st M.: Exactly! And now we’re both toe-tapping to …?

2nd M.: Oh my god, could that be…? Is that the Joe Biden Ragtime Quartet that we’re all dancing to?

1st M.: Playing “Canciones de Mi Padre?”

2nd M.: When did that happen?

1st M.: Could it be it was so quick that nobody noticed?

3rd M.: What about me (a gravelly-toned voice questions from behind)? Talk about sudden changes. I was dancing to the tune of a front runner, and now I’ve been put in my place.

2nd M.: (chuckling) Yeah, your second place…?

3rd M.: I hate to say it, but this has a very familiar feel to it? Kind of 2016-ish. Know what I mean?

1st M.: Hey guys; I don’t want to be alarmist, but… Does this feel a little bit like a conspiracy? Anybody getting that vibe?

2nd M.: You mean because Bloomberg turned off his money spigot at the exact same moment two other presidential hopefuls surprised everyone by stepping out of the race prior to Super Tuesday, all relevant parties coincidentally throwing their endorsements to the least dynamic candidate in the Democratic race? Is that what you mean by conspiracy?

Hmm, was there a conspiracy afoot?

1st M.: Well, not only that, but by the mainstream media’s total acquiescence in accepting Biden’s sudden and apparently non-controvertible ascendance. Also, by employing a similar speed and acquiescence in portraying Bernie’s instantaneous fall from front runner to also-ran.

3rd M.: I’m sorry, guys. I’m only a dancing marionette. This conspiracy stuff is way above my pay grade. 

2nd M.: Me too, but wait. What’s happening…? The music’s changing…!

1st M.: Recognize it…?

3rd M.: I did. I’m certain it was playing “Yankee Doodle…”

2nd M.: Yes, but now, if you listen carefully, it sounds like a Russian folk song.” 

1st M.: Okay, you guys know I love, honor and esteem you even as I tell you to shut up and keep dancing, right?

I mean what other choice to we have?

2 thoughts on “MARIONETTES’ DANCE

  1. Norm Dauria

    I think the last sentence off your comments was extremely accurate. ” I mean what other choice do we have”.
    Certainly I have my preference as to whom my choice would be for the democratic presidential candidate but regardless of who it is doesn’t really matter at this time. The unquestionably, psychologically disturbed Donald Trump will do more irreparable damage during his second term than his first if he is re-elected and maintains the senate. The life time appointees to the federal courts that he, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of his administration are amassing will reverse any positives strides that this country has made in recent history. If Biden or whoever runs and wins the presidency he or she couldn’t do the damage to the U.S. and its democracy as Donald Trump can and will do.
    We need a president that cares more about the country than himself, his personal financial holdings and the need for his egotistical stroking.


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