There was a little boy

Whose fears kept him awake

So every night

his mother rocked him 

and told him not to shake.

“Say goodnight to each fear”


“Say goodnight to each fear,” she said

“Like a friend in the dark.

And when you rise next morning

Your fears will all depart.”


With trembling lips

The boy said goodnight

To each scary monster

That gave him a fright.

“A true horror story!


Goodnight Mr. Pandemic,

Goodnight Chinese Flu strain 

Goodnight to all your victims

Who’ll never be seen again.


And Goodnight to ventilators

That never quite arrived

It’s no big deal now

Since their patients

George Floyd

Did not survive


And goodnight to the riots

And peaceful protests, too

Goodnight to all policemen

Who should learn when not to shoot


Goodnight global warming,

And hurricanes, droughts and fires

Goodnight to the West Coast

You make such beautiful pyres

Goodnight California!

 Goodnight California

And Oregon, too

Someone should have warned ya

There’s no future in being blue


Goodnight fair elections

And democracy I once knew

Goodnight Merry Mailmen

So sad, he screwed you too


“Goodnight ink-black sky.”

Goodnight ink-black sky

Goodnight darkened room

Goodbye to all I loved

Goodnight my sense of doom


Goodnight most of all

A monarch in his own mind.

To those who stoke unrest

Goodnight Fox News

 And, Goodnight, of course

To The Stoker who’s the best


Yes, Goodnight to the President

And to all his desperate demons

Goodnight to his seventh bankruptcy

Goodnight Kellyane Fib-Leaf”

Goodnight his band of cretins


Goodnight Kellyanne Fib Leaf

Goodnight General Lying Flynn

Goodnight to their Liar-In-Chief

And the man who’s his Rasputin.


The Devil and his disciple



With deepest thanks and apologies to Margaret Rise Brown, author of “Goodnight Moon,” a classic American children’s picture book first published in 1947.

10 thoughts on ““GOODNIGHT TRUMP.”

  1. Moish

    Well said though this should never be read to children. and there ai still have a ray of hope that come nN November enough American brains will say no more monsters Mr. Trump and we can go back to Goodnight Moon.

  2. Moish

    Well said though this should never be read to children. And there is still a ray of hope that come November enough American brains will say no more monsters Mr. Trump and we can go back to Goodnight Moon.

  3. Philip Rosen

    Very creative but sadly all too true. Thanks brother for your determined efforts to make sure we don’t forget the carnage when it’s time to vote. Love you!

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Thank you, brother. Greatly appreciate the feedback. So glad you’ve done so well in coming back from your recent heart episode. Don’t want to lose you for another 20-30 years. Love you, Paul

  4. Norm Dauria

    A very clever comment, one that hopefully will convince a few Trump supporters to better understand who and what a harmful creature he actually is. I am baffled that there are voters ,presently, that are still undecided.
    Paul, with all of the salient points that you addressed about Trump, which are basically true, what can be behind the thinking of their indecision? Might it be religious beliefs and or greed?

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Norm: Appreciate your reach out. My uneducated guess would be that we are witnessing a cult of personality. Also, pent up frustration over the abortion issue, and a sense that no politician keeps their promises. Just a curious coincidence that many appear to be gun-toting racists, to boot! Thanks for your response. Paul


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