Delusions Without Grandeur

How deluded you are, my friend, to blithely accept the reality of the world your parents handed down!

BuddhaI can only wonder if I myself—callow youth that I was—displayed the same innocence and unquestioning nature when I was your age. Just like you, my parents never doubted, or ever really thought about, the assumptions that were the foundation of their lives. They taught me to believe all creatures move through their lives with no greater purpose than to travel from Point A to Point Z, acquiring friends, possessions and obligations along the way, inexorably and instinctively moving from birth to death, womb to tomb, with little more thought to higher matters than a slug experiences while sliming its way across the slate walkway of a garden path.

Only later, once I put aside childish things, did I realize that, in spite of my sluggishness, I was actually crawling across a beautiful garden, and that the spiritual aspect to this life was lush and all-pervasive, merely well-hidden and closely-guarded against prying eyes or immature minds. So much so that I rarely ever thought about it during the length of my days, nor pondered its significance.

Like most human beings I was easily satisfied with the Cliff Notes version of Life and quick to ignore the complexities around me.


Excerpted from “Perfidious Blossom”, a novel in progress by Paul Steven Stone


7 thoughts on “Delusions Without Grandeur

  1. Michael Steffen

    An interesting passage, Paul. I wonder how or if the passage would or could descend from this height of wisdom into a particular situation or dilemma that might reveal something about our limited existential nature also. That it seems to me is also what is so interesting about life, its short-sighted struggle with particulars… The tone and flow of the language itself is very good.

    1. paulsteven

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mike. You are right in hinting the novel would need a real world foundation, with real people’s dilemmas and delights for the reader to share. Happily, there is a real world application to what is said in the excerpt. Thanks for the feedback, Mike!

      1. Bridget

        Beautiful description of becoming aware.

        I have always felt much of what is define as complex is really conceived from simple truths. I speak of Life’s truth, not what we invent from our history. This has often made me feel that many of man’s decisions are based on misperceptions.

        When I come upon the misguided slug, or snail, I stop to place them back on the nearest patch of earth.

  2. Tomas O'Leary

    Simply to say “Clearly put” and “I agree” would be both true and quite unhelpful. I’d like you to materialize an incredibly wise old codger, a persona whose wonderful name is Perfidious Blossom.

  3. paulsteven

    Ah yes, Perfidious Blossom, the Old Prospector himself played by toothless, fuzzy faced Gabby Hayes, sidekick to Roy Rogers


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