2 thoughts on “Shout Out “The Russians Did It!” And See What Happens

  1. Keith Evans

    Hillary and the DNC have been castigated for attempting to reignite the cold war, but the truth is that the fire never went out completely and is, since 9/11, considerably hotter than average Americans realize. In fact, the entire war on terror has been a clumsy proxy war against Russia. One only has to look to the list of nations comprising Bush’s “axis of evil” and note their alliances to see a striking pattern. Every one of them was/is allied with Russia, and every one of them opposed trading oil in US dollars as the standard currency of trade.

    Since Hillary became the Secretary of State the definition of “terrorist” has become an extremely elusive quantity that depends largely upon the goals of the moment and the players. The terrorists that attacked the embassy in Libya and that we are fighting in Mosul become freedom fighting rebels, worthy of arms and funding, by simply crossing into Syria to oppose Assad and the Russian forces giving him support there. This, however, isn’t new to Hillary, or Obama, as the majority of attackers involved in 9/11, that resulted in the invasion of Iraq and ousting of Saddam, were trained and funded by the Saudis. In fact, every one of our “allies” in the region, with the Saudis being on top, are supporters of terrorism. These hard facts, known by most citizens of every country in the world except the US, blur the lines of right and wrong and bring into question our motivation for prosecuting the longest running, and most costly, war in our history that now involves military action against seven nations at once.

    At the end of WWII German citizens were forced to tour and view the horror of the concentration camps where Hitler’s evil was most clearly manifested. If we don’t begin to tamp down the rampant nationalism and fear driven politics of our own nation and begin looking at the refugee crisis that “we” are causing via our manipulations and support of a clearly evil regime, that the UN has sanctioned for stoning children, in similar context to the gas chambers of Hitler we will find ourselves facing similar global opposition. Hundreds of innocent women, children, and elderly are dying every day in simply trying to escape the destruction we are promoting, but those images never seem to rise to the importance that our media affords to the antics of the Kardashians.

    When children suffer and die by thousands (millions?) via our weapons and allies it is long past time to call for honest leadership that will level with us and define the threat in real terms before continuing down this horrible path one more step. The “ONLY” candidate in the upcoming election offering to do this, as well as articulating an escape route from our oil addiction that is at the root of this evil, is Jill Stein and her Green party.


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