Can I Just Get Me Some Truth?

I’ve been very vocal about my outrage concerning Hillary and the DNC, much to the concern and consternation of many, even those who love me. Allow me to further illuminate what this is all about, since many seem so confused and worried about my mental state.

The American Media at work during the Democratic primaries.

Anyone who closely watched the 2016 electoral process found themselves witnessing a shamefully blatant collusion between the government, the DNC and the media (which ignored and buried any positive news about the Sanders’ campaign). What most shocked me was the media’s role in elevating Hillary and burying Bernie. The fact that 700 delegates walked out of the Democratic convention without getting any notice in the national press is a great example of how the media controlled the message we were all fed. And how they took their direction from the Clinton campaign, ignoring the many signs of voter suppression and election fraud in the primaries, pretending the Democrats were unified at the convention, which was a real joke. There’s a video that shows Jake Tapper of CNN hastily cutting to Boyz 2 Men on the convention stage to prevent CNN reporters from covering the delegate walkout.

The Federal government at work protecting our democratic process.

700 delegates walk out of the Democratic Convention and the Mainstream Mediocrity doesn’t find that newsworthy! For me—and this is key to my stand on Hillary—the cabal behind Hillary was essentially attempting a non-violent coup d’etat. If you drop polite terms, conspiring to steal an election, and nullifying millions of votes, is tantamount to Treason. I appreciate the concern many have shown about my frequently expressed outrage. That has led to a lot of misunderstanding, people assuming I was supporting Trump because I was against Hillary, or that I had gone over the edge.

Let me be clear, my first priority was to protect and defend the Constitution, something Obama failed to do in allowing the Democratic nomination to be stolen. What did Obama say? Democracy is hard work? Obviously, defending democracy was equally difficult for him.

At times I feel like the little Dutch boy who discovered a leak in the dike. Even if nobody believes me, should I shut up and walk away? Or should I stick my finger in the hole and start shouting for help?

Even if people don’t wish to hear the truth about their favorite candidate?

Thankfully, there’s no longer any need to fight Hillary and her cabal. Through some ironic twist of fate, she and her fellow conspirators lost the election, leaving us to deal with someone in the White House seemingly not worthy of leading the country. Or the world! For myself, I will continue to disseminate the Truth about the 2016 election, as I see it, and to fight anything Trump does to threaten the welfare of the planet and the people who live upon it.

If you’re angry about Trump becoming our president, don’t blame me; blame Hillary and the Democratic Party whose grab for power set all manner of bad outcomes into play.

If you’re worried about me because I refuse to quietly accept the theft of our democracy, or the leadership of a failed and corrupt Democratic Party, worry first about yourself or anyone else who quietly accepts it.



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21 thoughts on “Can I Just Get Me Some Truth?

  1. Michael Bode

    The Donner class, in MHO, attempted a coup, under cover of public desire for a female president. This was upended, fortunately, by Bernie and small money doners. Now that the “cult of personality” is less popular, thee neoliberal ( hyper capitalist) Obama, Clinton, Schumer wing will give way to the more Rosevelt oriented wing under Elison, Warren, and Bernie.

  2. Jack Barwis

    I disagree regarding the media. I am not one who believes that the press/media has been co-opted or corrupted, now or during the presidential campaign. Cable news plays to its base. Most people understand this media bias. Reputable news outlets like WSJ and NYT report news even if its reporting is “flavored” with their own conservative or liberal perspective. And the opinion pages are just that; a point of view that can be accepted or rejected by the reader.
    Regarding HRC and her cabal, as you put it, I think just the opposite occurred. Her email sins were magnified out of proportion to the offense. Ben Gazi was rammed down her throat. Comey first grandstanded with his July announcement, then flagrantly obused his role in the October follow up, casting Clinton’s chances of winning into a cocked hat.
    Finally, there is a difference between truth and opinion. I have my opinion; you have yours. Whether either of us has the truth is a hard call. It takes a lot of vetting and fact finding to arrive in the neighborhood of truth. The fourth estate is still the best vehicle we have in this constitutional democracy for getting into “the hood”.

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Even though we sharply disagree about the media’s trustworthiness, I still appreciate your taking the time to articulate your insights.

    2. Andrew Bugbee

      You are delusional. A media that props up a candidate like Drumpf at the behest of the Democratic establishment with their “pied piper” strategy are not the media to be trusted.

    3. E.G. Hammond

      You are right, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, what you said about her email “sins” is wrong, because if you take the time to look up the facts, you’ll find that she officially and knowingly broke at least five federal statutes, at least one of which did not require any intent, (Comey’s excuse for letting her get away with the crime) with regard to her private server and the endangerment of national security, which can be a treasonable offense. At the very least, she immediately should have lost her security clearance, which would have made her ineligible to run for any government position, and least of all, the Presidency! Also, several of these laws can carry a sentence of at least three years each in federal prison. So, it appears that she got off very easily compared to so many others who have been imprisoned on much lesser charges and misdemeanors, or the whistle blowers who have ended up in prison only for telling the truth about government lies to the citizens of our country!

      Also, regarding Benghazi, she is very much at fault for not responding to, or providing the security protection and assistance that the ambassador requested dozens of times over several weeks! This is also a proven fact, for which she has not expressed any remorse at all.

      Plus, before she announced her candidacy almost 2 years ago, there was a huge party thrown for all the mainstream media reporters on her behalf, except for Fox News of course! It was very obviously intended to solicit the support of all the major news media for herself, which became very clear and noticeable once Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy!

      Last, but not least, she was not even the true winner of the democratic nomination since it has also been proven that there was massive election fraud in 17 or more states perpetrated in collusion with the DNC to rig the primaries in her favor! Bernie is the one who should have received the nomination, not Clinton, but that information was never reported by any of the MSM press. Bernie would have defeated Trump, hands down!

    4. D Salter

      Wikileaks, an organisation that has never in its ten year history had to recant a single document for inaccuracy, out of ten million documents, released DNC emails that showed a clear and unquestionable collusion between the DNC, the Clinton team, and about 40 or so top people from the mainstream media. There are several plainly-worded emails describing their exact plans.

      And several top DNC people, such as Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Donna Brazile even lost their jobs because they were implicated. And neither the DNC or the Clinton team have claimed these emails were fake. – instead deciding to use their media influence to falsely implicate Russia with zero evidence, as means to distract attention away from the content of the emails, as they seem to think that the majority of the American public are gullible enough to fall for such a blatant ploy. Your comment indicates they are probably right.

      There is no sane person, who can deny this if they have access to all the information.

  3. Jack Barwis

    I don’t have the detailed info you cite re: WikiLeaks emails. My recall is those emails were released by the Russians. So, my question is who do you trust, the Russians, WikiLeaks, or mainstream media? I’ll go for our independent mainstream media.

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Jack: There have been many unsubstantiated claims made in the last year, but to claim we have a trustworthy independent media is by far one of the wildest. You are standing on historical truth rather than current reality. If our Mainstream Medicrity were independent and truthful we would all be reading daily about the horriffic attacks on Native American protesters; we would all have heard about Hillary Clinton’s theft of the Democratic nomination; and we probably wouldn’t have just inaugurated a billionaire clown as our 45th president. Our independent media is only as independent as their corporate masters will allow.

    2. E.G. Hammond

      +Jack Barwis In my opinion, “independent mainstream media” is contradictory in itself, since that no longer exists in our country, though I believe it did at one time, maybe prior to the past 50 years or so. From what I recall, the lies seemed to start around the time of the reporting about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy! We now have a choice between corporate mainstream media, which is biased in whatever way their management wants it to be, as directed by the government. Or, we have independent alternative media which is usually much more factual though possibly peppered with a little personal opinion, but is identified as such. Your “recollection” that the emails were released by the Russians is not correct. The Democrats have been using that as an excuse in order to frighten the public while distracting us from the truth of their deceit and corruption. On the other hand, Wikileaks has always provided unaltered and honest information and that has never been disproved, though people have tried! The main difference being that Wikileaks has no reason to give us fraudulent information, and they present the truth from all sides of any issue as presented to them, whereas our government has been working against us, with much to hide on both sides of the aisle, and they prefer to keep the people misguided and at a disadvantage to prevent a revolt by a disillusioned and angry populace! However, I do believe that a good number of the American people are finally starting to see the truth about the very wealthy, corporate government oligarchy now in control. Hopefully, it is not too late to regain our democracy, but it is going to be a damn close call, and we are literally in for the fight of our lives!

  4. Jack Barwis

    Yes, I agree that accountability is important re HRC and Benghazi. You, among many others, have forgotten that it was Congress that failed to appropriate (by reducing funding for Embassy security) adequate funds for the military protection of US embassies worldwide. She did not have the means to respond to the needs for greater protection of US personnel in our embassies.

    1. Jack Barwis

      I agree that mainstream media is not faultless, sometimes tainted and flat wrong, or otherwise opinionated. Thankfully, there are many options and venues to choose from and most of which are outside US government control and/or censorship…that is, unlike, for example, North Korea or Russia. In an imperfect world, a free press is the best hope for representative democracy.

      1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

        Jack: You are kidding yourself if you believe the media is anything but a weapon—a dangerous weapon—of the entrenched, non-democratic ruling interests. The media is not just flawed or opinionated, but flat out dishonest. Do you believe we are not hearing about Standing Rock, Bernie’s campaign or any of dozens of other stories because they’re disinterested, or think we don’t care? They have become agents of disinformation; in service to the establishment. Buts because we grew up believing in Cronkite, Peter Jennings, William Safire and others we almost automatically give credence to whatever the press tells us; something we’ll have to abandon if we ever want to rescue democracy and our government.

  5. Jack Barwis

    Paul, I may clueless on this topic. I am certainly not as jaded as you are. With the multiple forms of communication we have in this country, a free press is the least of my worries. I am much more concerned about an irresponsible president and all the harm he may bring. Stay tuned and stay alert!

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      My last word on the subject: I believe freedom of the press was enshrined in the Constitution because without a free and honest press we could easily not recognize when the forces of wealth and entrenched interests were manipulating or censoring the news to serve their own interests. I cannot argue with you about the threats posed by an irresponsible president. The fact that Trump as a viable candidate was a creation of the corporate media and billions of dollars worth of free exposure, only proves my point about the harm of a misguided and agenda-driven press. The plan, as I see it—and yes there is the whiff of conspiracy about it—was to elevate Trump’s viability at the expense of all the other possible candidates who (back then) were presumably stronger candidates. For more on the purposeful ignorance of the American mass media, see my essay “How To Spot A Stolen Presidential Election.” Lastly, Jack, I believe “cynical” rather than “jaded” better reflects my attitude towards the media.


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