Buy My New Book And Save Hundreds Of Dollars

I lied.

You won’t save a penny buying my new book “How To Train A Rock”. Truth is it will actually cost you money when it goes on sale. But only about $5 if you take advantage of our first-time buyer’s discount.

There I go again. That’s not true. You’ll pay the same $15 that everyone else—except my mother—has to pay. And Mom’s only saving a couple of bucks at that.

I didn’t mean to lie, something just came over me.

The problem is, most of my professional life has been spent writing advertisements. So when I began to worry that intelligent readers like you might not purchase this incredible collection of my best “A Stone’s Throw” columns—some of them hilarious, all of them shockingly inventive—I knew exactly what to do.

I lied.

But don’t let that stop you from buying “How To Train A Rock” when it’s finally available. Because somewhere inside the book you’ll find our “mystery word” which could win you an incredible two-week stay at a fabulous oceanside condominium in Cancun, Mexico or . . .


I did it again, didn’t I?

There’s no mystery word hidden inside, no luxury vacation to win. It’s just another cheap trick on my part and I’m not proud of myself for pulling it.

Let’s be honest. You won’t save any money when you purchase “How To Train A Rock”. Nor will you win a prize, improve your social standing, lengthen your sexual organs or enjoy the benefits of space-age technology.

Truth is there’s only one good reason why you or anyone else should purchase this book.

I just wish I could remember what it was.

* * * *
Just weeks away from introducing “How To Train A Rock” to the world, author Paul Steven Stone couldn’t resist giving his new book of “Short Insights And Fiction Flights” one final—and hopefully humorous—plug. You may not win any prizes reading “How To Train A Rock” but I guarantee you’ll enjoy and relish the experience. And that’s no lie.

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