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Bad things happen when you elect a president who would be king!

Even if you support Swamp Creature’s policies, you cannot easily defend his character (or lack thereof). He is a devout liar. He lies repeatedly, constantly and with no concern for the impact of his lies. The Washington Post has counted over 20,000 lies or falsehoods since our national agony first began. And don’t forget, his lies now come with a mounting death toll!

A walk among the losers and suckers.

Trump doesn’t just disdain soldiers, the honored dead, Black-Americans, Native-Americans, immigrants, citizens of “shithole” countries and those struggling to survive in America today, he disdains ANYONE who doesn’t share his white-privileged world view, ANYONE who refuses to pay him obeisance, ANYONE who obstructs his attempts to totally dominate the American Constitution and its institutions. Trump is the only president to mount a full-bore frontal assault on the Constitution, far greater than anything attempted by Richard Nixon. Our American system of checks and balances has been thrown out the window and is currently on life support.

Trump, Melania and Jeffrey Epstein

Simply put, the man is a creep! He ogles teenage girls, makes salacious comments as the mood and his libido moves him. He treats women like objects. To date, 25 women have accused him of actions—from groping to rape—usually perpetrated by sexual predators. His acts of petty revenge are reminiscent of a mob boss who regularly proves his viciousness to keep his thugs in line.

I keep waiting to see some flicker of compassion or concern for those whose lives he has forever altered by his criminally negligent response to the coronavirus. The man hasn’t a smidgeon of compassion. He has basically washed his hands of the wildfire destruction out West and its thousands of American victims. His only response was a convenient prediction that colder weather will soon extinguish the flames. Frighteningly similar to his prediction that the virus would simply disappear.

Sorry, we’re closed!

Where is the compassion for those who come to us seeking refuge and shelter? If any country deserves to have a Statue of Liberty welcoming “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” it isn’t Trump’s America. Right this moment, his underlings are separating families at the border and putting children in cages.

Lastly for now, Swamp Creature has NO INTEGRITY. He and his cronies have virtually looted the United States Treasury. One way or another his children are on the government dime. He routinely charges full price—up to $650 a night—to house Secret Service agents forced by their mission to stay at his hotels. He has placed incompetent cronies and campaign workers in critical government positions. His foreign relations more commonly serve Russia’s benefit than America’s. Single-handedly, Trump has made a mockery of the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Today, the painful truth is, America’s president is unworthy of its founders’ vision or its historical commitment to serve as a bulwark to protect democracy. Today, the greatest threat to democracy is the man elected to defend it.

Simply put, folks, THIS MAN IS A SCUMBAG and we have to vote him out! It’s way past time Trump paid a price for his divisive, criminal, and boorish behavior. 

It’s also time we told Putin to get the hell out of our lives!