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Mail Late Again, Meds Never Arrived? Don’t Worry It’s Just TRUMPFOOLERY

“Please Mr. Postman look and see. Have you got a letter for me?”



  1. Rash or belligerent behavior, usually extremely damaging to people or the American Constitution; often used to describe serial acts of vicious pettiness, unnecessary cruelty, racial bias or rampant disdain for blacks, soldiers, immigrants, shithole countries and anyone dumb enough to vote for him. Most often used to describe acts by Donald Trump, in his official capacity as president, to hobble, denigrate or take possession of American institutions for his own personal gain or legal protection.

“In crippling America’s postal system, President Trump is attempting to block hundreds of millions of people from voting in a brazen feat of Trumpfoolery.”

  • Criminal acts, usually clumsily committed, but then swiftly covered up and legitimized by the Department of Justice or a presidential pardon. 

“In moving to represent President Trump in a civil suit where the President is accused of slandering a woman he allegedly raped, Attorney General William Barr, also known as Trump’s consigliore, has taken Trumpfoolery to new and dangerous heights.”

  • Unstoppable, vomitatious lying. The inability to speak a complete sentence without lying once. Usually accompanied by relentless and baseless accusations of lying directed towards anyone who comes to mind. Also the inability to keep one’s mouth shut when the Truth is being spoken.
He doesn’t even
like you!


  1. Behaving in a way that defies convention, civility, established precedent or a body of laws. Criminal behavior that, if committed by anyone other than the President of the United States, would be grounds for prosecution, communal expulsion, shunning, stoning, repulsion or, in cases of treason, hanging till death.
“Losers, Suckers?”

“Describing John McCain, as well as all military personnel who died for their country, as “Losers” and “Suckers,” and refusing to honor their sacrifice is pure Trumpfoolery!”

  • Betraying all military personnel by collusion with a known enemy of the State; to ignore egregious threats against those soldiers from said enemy, and placing them in harm’s way to prove to people how tough you really are. To never confront an enemy who has placed a bounty on dead American soldiers.
Romancing The Stone

To abandon allies without a second thought, whether they are Kurdish soldiers or long-esteemed NATO partners.

“It was Trumpfoolery to yank our troops out of Syria at the request of Turkey, totally ignoring the danger we created for our Kurd allies who had helped us defeat Isis.”

  • Annexing the United States Treasury to the Trump Corporation, or to suck out all monies and assets accrued to said Treasury.

“With all the Trumpfoolery in his first term, it is not clear there would be enough money in the United States Treasury to finance a second Trump term as president.”





Something without use or value; rubbish; trash; worthless stuff.

“To date, all efforts to protect America from the coronavirus have been sheer trumpery!”

“I did not make up “trumpery.” It’s a real word. Honest! Obviously Mr. Webster’s Dictionary was prophetic when it comes to trumpery!”

Modesty compels me to mention that my lovely wife Amy was the originator of the term “Trumpfoolery.” So please consider this post a joint operation by the Stone family.