Daily Archives: September 2, 2020


If there is one shameful policy of America’s Racist-In-Chief that I can never forgive, it’s his seizing of a critical moment in America’s attempt to heal its racial wounds, and turning it into one more lie-driven reason for racists and fearful American voters to reelect America’s #1 criminal to the presidency.

Trump is like the Paladin character in “Have Gun, Will Travel,” a TV western from the sixties. But instead of travelling out from his home base to right wrongs, as Paladin did, Trump takes his traveling shit show to wherever he can stoke the flames of bigotry, fear and hate.

Yes, America’s President—the man in the White House these last three and a half years—is actively working to turn Americans against Americans in his pursuit of reelection. As Trump’s first Secretary of Defense, Retired Marine General James Mattis, recently said: “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try.” 

In this case, a picture says a million words.

Ultimately, Mattis called Trump, “A threat to our constitution.”

Had Trump worked this hard to protect America from the ravages of Covid-19, he might have deserved reelection. Not to me, but to some who now see him for what he really is—a narcissistic emperor standing in a draft without any clothes on. As it is, he deserves to be placed at the top of the shit pile American History reserves for its worst offenders—rapists, pedophiles and traitors. 

Move over Benedict Arnold, Donald Trump has come to town!

It won’t be Mike Pence, Melania Trump or even Ivanka Trump who come to mind when History looks at Trump’s partners in his presidency, but Vladimir Putin, the man who allegedly placed a bounty on American soldiers. That is Trump’s legacy, along with a trail of incredibly bad decisions, most of them leading to his real legacy of corruption, an impoverished American treasury, and his two fellow travelers: Hate and Fear. 

How many more Black Lives will we need as martyrs before Trump realizes that Black Lives Matter is not the problem, but the door to the solution?

Sadly, we would run out of Black Americans before that could ever happen.