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Goodbye, Black Panther. You Played Your Role Well!

I was greatly saddened to hear of Chadwick Boseman’s passing.

His was an inner beauty that radiated through the roles he played: Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson, James Brown and, yes, of course, The Black Panther. I feel especially saddened for my grandchild, a child of color, who will now have to find someone else to look up to and hold as a hero. Problem is, there are so few blacks that the white media or the white-controlled Hollywood movie system will elevate to hero roles.

Inner and Outer Beauty!

Thank you, Chadwick Boseman! For giving my grandson and millions of youngsters someone to look up to; someone whose skin is colored just like theirs. And you played your life’s role like an honest-to-goodness hero, Chadwick, never revealing your fatal illness till we read about it in news stories announcing your death. No false sympathy for you, no sentiment-based awards either! You were as close to a hero and role model as one man—actor or not—can hope to become. God grant you a peaceful journey to your next destination. Thankfully, you made the most out of your short time on the planet. We’ll miss you, King T’Challah!

King T’Challa, you will be missed!

Wakanda Forever. 


Political Forecast: FOUR DAYS OF LIES.

Gather round folks! Step up, step up! Follow the crowd into the famous Republican Big Tent. The near-empty Republican Big Tent, now called the Party of Trump. Also known as The Old White Guys Party.

America’s Coronavirus Tragedy:
“It didn’t have to be this way.”

Following a Democratic National Convention that was, by all accounts, a critical success, the Party of Trump is faced with a minor difficulty when it comes to shaping their message for their 2020 convention. What the hell can they say? 

With rioting in the streets, a virus death toll that refuses to stop climbing, and a government administration that proves its ineptitude, dishonesty and disinterest on a daily basis, it isn’t easy to come up with a simple slogan or campaign theme. Or one solidly good reason why a sane person should vote for Donald Trump.

Fortunately, the party has one specialty of the house designed for just such occasions. Why else would God have invented lying if it wasn’t so Donald Trump could profess his genius and paltry success in a variety of ways?

All The Usual White Guys Will Be There!

Covid 19? Trump was successful in preventing the virus from reaching our shores after he stopped a dozen Chinese planes from landing in America. If the Democrats hadn’t raised such a stink about it, he would have stopped more planes and probably prevented America from logging in any Covid 19 cases or deaths.

America leads the world in testing. Though we may have gotten a slow start, we’ve now surged to where we’ve done more testing than any other country on the planet. Of course, with a 7-10 day average turnaround on test results, we’re also first in compiling statistics that have no practical value.

Remember this, if you remember nothing else from our convention! Swift action by Trump stopped the deadly Chinese virus at our borders. For a day or so at least!

White Supremacists Will Find
There’s Room For Them
Under the Republican Big Tent.

Obama would have probably brought home the virus with his Chinese takeout had he still been in the White House.

Cratering Economy? If you forget about the 22 million jobs lost in the first half of the lockdown, the second half job surge of 10 million looks pretty damn good.

A Looming Depression? Not for those lucky enough to own more assets than they can count. Everyone else can expect a slight bump as we hit the accelerated decline. At least, you know in your heart, the Depression would have been much worse under the Democrats. 

Law And order? Black lives don’t matter, poor people’s lives don’t matter, nothing matters except things that make Donald Trump look good. All his missile treaties, his efforts for Peace, his environmental stewardship efforts, and don’t forget all Trump and Company have done for racial relations and social justice in this country! (yes, that is sarcasm)

Trump’s Impeachment? A hoax perpetrated by Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s very possible Joe Biden was the hidden force behind his impeachment. Working for the Deep State, of course.

Four More Years Of What? “Well, we’ll just have to see when we get there.”

And if that doesn’t worry you, you must own a second home in Canada.


Nor is he someone who instinctively lies to undo every mess, crime or idiotic blunder he uncontrollably creates. Nor will he employ sycophants to kiss his backside and carry out his instructions, especially when those orders directly threaten the welfare and security of the United States. 

Joe Biden will never destroy the integrity of governmental institutions and agencies, nor nominate people who will strangle and defenestrate the very agencies they were hired to run. He will never nominate William Barr, Mike Pompeo, Mick Mulvaney, Louis DeJoy nor Rudy Giuliani to hold positions in our government. Not even when their prison terms come to an end.

Joe Biden will not play chicken with epidemics or pandemics. Rather than act too late in a crisis, Joe Biden will anticipate crises and, most important of all, avoid creating new ones.

Joe Biden will never hold back congressionally authorized military aid to extort and corrupt defenseless nations. Nor will he insult our friends by calling them “shithole” countries. And when the United States intelligence agencies provide insights and guidance, he will not castigate and belittle their efforts. Nor will he take the word of foreign dictators over U.S. government agencies.

Not even if Vladimir Putin tells him to.

But that’s not all!

Joe Biden won’t turn his back on United States allies. Especially those who have given thousands of lives to advance U.S. security. Nor will he turn his back on traditional allies who have walked with us through storm and strife. He will not weaken our most important alliances—not NATO, nor those with our partners at our borders. 

And speaking of borders, Joe Biden will not demonize our neighbors nor give domestic terrorists and white nationalists undeserved recognition and acceptance.

Joe Biden will never lie to you. Not daily, or ever!

Joe Biden will never enact tax reforms that pretend to help the middle class and actually put millions into the pockets of millionaires and billionaires. When Joe reforms our taxes, it will be for real, and will not decimate our treasury or ignore those of us who are struggling.

Joe Biden does not play golf.

Nor does he watch Fox News!


Joe Biden has no need to deconstruct all Barack Obama’s accomplishments, nor to wipe out all record of those accomplishments. 

Likewise, Joe Biden would not cripple or eliminate the Post Office (for God’s sakes!)

Not even if Vladimir Putin tells him to.

Most important of all, Joe Biden believes governments exist to serve and benefit the welfare of their people rather than the avarice of those in charge. He will not suddenly reveal strange inclinations, crude behaviors nor a sudden affinity for dictators and tyrants once he takes office. Nor will he interfere with the honest functioning of all government departments and agencies. 

Lastly, Joe Biden will not be subject to foreign influence or extortion. He owns no hotels, in Turkey or anywhere else, has no ambition to build a tower in Moscow, nor will he reap millions from foreign countries wishing to court his good favor. 

Joe Biden has two children, neither of whom will show up on the government payroll. In his lifetime—for 77 long years—he has never been accused of rape; has never been unfaithful in either of his marriages, and never treated women as objects or creatures who are less than himself. 

Joe Biden will never set U.S. military troops on American citizens. Nor will he treat peaceful protesters as mortal enemies.

Joe Biden believes in man-made global warming and won’t let a loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires continue to cook the planet to their own satisfaction.

Not even if Vladimir Putin tells him to!