Vote “JILLARY” Not Hillary!


jillSome months ago, I wrote to JILL STEIN suggesting she consider calling herself “The Anti-Hillary, or Jillary.” Aside from giving her a memorable theme, the tag essentially pointed out Jill’s strength in running against the self-anointed Democratic candidate, mainly that Jill wasn’t anything like Hillary in any way! If anything, Jill stood 180 degrees opposite whatever Hillary, or Trump for that matter, professed on almost every single issue.

Close to 70% of Americans distrust Hillary; wouldn’t believe her stance on anything, even if it was sworn to in public, or in front of a notary public. No matter what Hillary now says she feels about the TPP, everyone knows she will sign it as president.

Jill Stein won’t sign the TPP; nor will she drag us into war unnecessarily, or pick a fight with Russia to divert attention from another symptomatic sign of her systemic corruption. Jill Stein has her own battles to fight; priorities not even mentioned in the three debates: eliminating student debt; establishing true universal healthcare; reducing military spending; increasing the minimum wage; expanding social security; reducing global warming; and so much more. All issues Bernie fought for.

And don’t believe what the mainstream media says about Jill’s polling numbers. The polls are constructed, by a biased media, to create or maintain Hillary’s momentum going into the election, or to throw obstacles in front of her competition. Jill Stein might not win the election, but she is doing far better than the polls allow. A vote for Jill is also a vote for the Green Party, helping to validate and support its life- and planet-affirming policies and hopefully helping to break the strangle hold of the pigs–at-the-trough two-party political system.

A vote for Jill is a vote for three things totally lacking from the other candidates: honesty, integrity, and urgency. That last characteristic, urgency, relating to the increasing concern all candidates should feel as time slips away and global warming continues to advance, everyday becoming a greater threat to our planet and to our everyday lives.

A vote for Jill is a vote for everything Bernie stood for—and less! No more corruption; lies; scandals; boorishness; hidden agendas or personal enrichment at taxpayer’s expense!

Less of what Hillary wants for herself and more of what you need to live a safe, secure and comfortable life.

Less Hillary and more Jillary!


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