Elizabeth Warren, what you see is what you get!

Nor is she someone who instinctively lies to undo every mess, crime or idiotic blunder she uncontrollably creates. Nor will she employ sycophants to kiss her backside and carry out her instructions, especially when those orders directly threaten the welfare and security of the United States. 

“Any chance we can lock up Hillary?”

Elizabeth Warren will not destroy the integrity of governmental institutions and agencies, nor nominate people who will strangle and defenestrate the very agencies they were hired to run. She will never nominate William Barr, Mike Pompeo, Mick Mulvaney nor Rudy Giuliani to hold positions (real or shadow) in our government. Not even when their prison terms come to an end.

Our allies the Kurds run for their lives.

Elizabeth Warren will never hold back congressionally authorized military aid to extort and corrupt defenseless nations. Nor will she insult our friends by calling them “shithole” countries. And when the United States intelligence agencies provide insights and guidance, she will not castigate and belittle their efforts. Nor will she take the word of foreign dictators over U.S. government agencies.

From “Tales From An Overheated Planet.” (paulstonesthrow.com/tales-from-an-overheated-planet-a-poster-series/)

Elizabeth Warren believes in man-made global warming and won’t let a loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires continue to cook the planet to their own satisfaction.

But that’s not all!

Elizabeth Warren won’t turn her back on United States allies. Especially those who have given thousands of lives to advance U.S. security. Nor will she turn her back on traditional allies who have walked with us through storm and strife. She will not weaken our most important alliances—not NATO, nor those with our partners at our borders.

And speaking of borders, Elizabeth Warren will not demonize our neighbors nor give domestic terrorists and white nationalists undeserved recognition and acceptance.

Happy Days are here again!

Elizabeth Warren will never enact tax reforms that pretend to help the middle class and actually put millions into the pockets of millionaires and billionaires. Tax reforms that decimate our treasury and eliminate any chance we have as a nation to raise up those among us who are struggling.

Elizabeth Warren believes health care is a right not a privilege. She believes in a government that cares enough about its people to provide universal health care—like the majority of industrialized nations—and protect them from instantaneous poverty from medical catastrophes. 

Elizabeth Warren has no need to deconstruct all accomplishments of Barack Obama, nor to wipe out or misconstrue all record of his accomplishments. 

” I want to talk with you about Ukraine.”

Most important of all, Elizabeth Warren believes governments exist to serve and benefit the welfare of their people rather than the avarice of those in charge. She will not reveal strange inclinations, crude behaviors nor a sudden affinity for dictators and tyrants once she takes office. Nor will she interfere with the honest functioning of all government departments and agencies. 

Lastly, Elizabeth Warren will not be subject to foreign influence or extortion. She owns no hotels, in Turkey or anywhere else, has no ambition to build a tower in Moscow, nor will she reap millions from foreign countries wishing to court her good favor. 

From an earlier day.

Elizabeth Warren has two children, neither of whom will show up on the government payroll. In her lifetime, for 70 long years, she has never been accused of rape or sexual assault; has never been unfaithful in either of her marriages, and never grabbed any strangers by their sexual organs. 

Not even when she was doing her best imitation of Donald J. Trump.

The Real Thing!


My choice this election cycle did not come easy.

There are probably 5 or 6 democratic candidates who would make good presidents. Good, just good, not great. After Trump that would be child’s play, appearing to be a good president.

However, there were not many on last night’s debate stage who strike me as potentially great.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Roll that idea around in your head, a great president. We haven’t seen one in a long time. Not in my lifetime. We’ve had a number of good presidents. Presidents who followed laws and traditions. Presidents who honored the dictates and courtesies of democracy. Presidents who labored to help the downtrodden and fight against the rule of despots in countries near and far.

Roosevelt work program

In my mind, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the last Great President of the United States of America. A president who came along when America needed greatness and bold ideas. When you start from the fundamental belief that government exists to serve the needs of its populace, you stick your finger in the face of anyone who starts shrieking “Socialism!” as if there were bugs in their bed.

Also a work program, but environmentally-focused

If F.D.R was a socialist he was a pretty strange looking socialist. More effete intellectual than socialist firebrand, more concerned citizen than self-enriching politician, F.D.R. came from a privileged background, the kind that believed their duty was to lean over to help those lower on the social and economic ladders. Noblesse oblige in all its glory, especially when showered down upon impoverished masses with hollow dustbowl futures.

Bringing the Modern Era to an entire region

And now, 74 years after the death of F.D.R., I survey the debate stage and search for the one candidate strong enough, committed enough, and human enough to wear the mantle that F.D.R. so brilliantly modeled. A candidate strong enough in her beliefs to shrug off all the naysayers that will come at her. And there will be many. But, most important, a candidate strong enough to beat the wind out of a corrupt, noxious and bloated gasbag!

I believe there is such a candidate.

That’s why I’m supporting Elizabeth Warren.



DEAR JOURNALISM STUDENT, you are entering the final phase of your journalism education. Up till now we’ve taught you the basics of investigative reporting, ie. tracking down leads, vetting your sources, verifying tips; but now, before you graduate, you need to learn some of the key signs that indicate the theft of a United States primary election.


Obviously, this lesson arises from the controversial events of 2016, when the entire American mainstream media failed to expose Hillary Clinton’s theft of the Democratic nomination. Historians have now come to agree Hillary’s race against Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination was a complete bag job facilitated by Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, a majority of state Democratic parties and dozens of party sycophants looking for government jobs. As to whether the mainstream media purposely ignored all signs of election fraud to ensure Hillary’s nomination or was just enveloped in an unexplainable fog of journalistic incompetence still remains a subject for debate.

The theft of the 2016 Democratic nomination was not pretty. It was so clumsy and ham-fisted it appeared to be executed by desperate clowns wearing party masks and balloon-sized gloves. There was no subtlety, no artful subterfuge, no attempt to smooth out the rougher edges. Vote tallies were hacked and changed in full view of TV cameras, so that millions watched as Bernie’s numbers climbed steadily to the bottom while Hillary’s totals rose to magical heights. Voting stations were eliminated, relocated or basically hidden, making it almost impossible for voters—especially Bernie voters—to actually find a place where they could vote. Other Bernie supporters had their party registrations mysteriously changed, their names purged from voter rolls, or were given provisional ballots that would never be counted. A few of the more hapless Berners were reportedly kidnapped or run over on their way to vote.

Given the blatant and pervasive nature of Hillary’s election fraud, it is surprising America’s top journalists weren’t able to expose Hillary’s brazen theft, by far the biggest news story of that year. But you can learn from their mistakes by watching diligently for these familiar signs of a stolen primary.



It takes a well-constructed plan to steal a primary contest or a national election. And it takes people. People, ideally, who are part of a network—a network like the Democratic Party, which has 50 separate state parties and more than enough manpower to staff a full-scale assault on an American election. Prior to the 2016 primaries, we now know, Hillary’s campaign set up special relationships with 33 state Democratic parties. The program was named “The Hillary Victory Fund” and was basically a money-laundering scheme to allow Hillary to fundraise from donors who had already contributed the legal limit to her campaign.


The Hillary Victory Fund was also a cheap way for Hillary to purchase the loyalty of local parties as well as a national network of conspirators to help steal the nomination. Millions in donations were promised to the local Democratic parties. Millions donated by Hillary’s maxed-out donors, but quickly vacuumed out of state party coffers and shipped back to Hillary’s campaign, all but a meager 1% of the swag which the state parties were allowed to keep. So it was, in fact, a cheap way to access the people Hillary would need for the theft of the nomination. People to transform a highly disliked candidate into the next President of the United States. People to eliminate voting stations in key districts; people to flip electronic votes; people to purge voters from voting lists; people to switch voters’ registered party affiliations; people to shred Bernie supporter ballots; people to arrange shortages of ballots at key voting stations; people to spread misinformation about voting dates and polling locations; people to troll the internet and raise havoc with pro-Bernie sites; people to infiltrate Bernie’s campaign apparatus.

And people to stand-in-place for the legions of Hillary supporters who consistently failed to show up at Hillary’s rallies.



With all the people involved in a conspiracy of this magnitude, and as clumsily as it was perpetrated, it’s striking that no inkling of the story ever leaked to the press, and that no individual vote-shifting hacker or dirty trickster left enough of a trail for a serious investigative reporter to follow. It was a perfect storm of criminal bravado, mass delusion and journalistic ineptitude.


Today, four years later, it’s still shocking to think nobody in 2016’s national media had any idea of the wide-scale election fraud taking place across the primaries. Not even when videos and stories began to spread across the internet revealing clear evidence of vote tampering and voter suppression—Clinton caucus workers purposely miscounting Bernie delegates at the Iowa caucus; electronic vote tallies shifting dramatically, without explanation, in Hillary’s favor; elections being called for Hillary with only 1% of the vote counted; shredder trucks suspiciously parked behind polling stations.

As a journalist at the threshold of your career, you could easily fall prey to the same cloud of ignorance that descended upon the mainstream media in 2016. If an entire generation of reporters, broadcasters, and network anchors could overlook the theft of the 2016 Democratic nomination, there’s a good chance you could as well.


The good news is that stealing a presidential election is a messy job; there are too many people doing too many things in too many places to keep it all quiet. If you’re a good reporter, you’ll instinctively know something is going on. You’ll smell it in the air. Your sources will feed you tips. Telltale signs will flash all around you, as they did in 2016. Irregularities will be spotted, inconsistencies seen. And then you, you fledgling journalist, all you have to do is WRITE UP THE F@#CKING STORY!

In 2016, nobody in the press thought of connecting the dots.

But you—as a young, enthusiastic and unsullied journalist—can do a better job if it happens again. A much better job.

A brain-dead monkey couldn’t do any worse.


In 2016, working under a mind-numbing fog of ignorance and professional incompetence, nobody in the national press thought to report on the exit polls which showed anywhere from 6% to 23% deviation from final election results in the various primaries. (In Third World Nations, a deviation of more than 2% is an indicator of election fraud.) Once again, not one reporter had the insight, initiative or journalistic integrity to report any of it in the mainstream press. Although a columnist in the New York Times actually wrote a piece to discredit exit poll discrepancies and explain their worrisome revelations, but that was before leaked DNC emails proved the exit polls knew what they were talking about.

In conclusion, dear journalism student, America’s proud tradition of journalistic excellence was greatly challenged in 2016 and found sadly lacking. As we later learned, it took more than a village to steal an election, and more than a clueless, lazy mainstream media to dig out the story.


Hillary’s Omaha rally. Note how they jammed people tightly together to give a sense of crowdedness to this anemic and ineffectual ‘crowd’ event.


A. The Strongest Indicator of a Stolen Democratic Primary is:

  1. The losing candidate’s rallies draw tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters while the winning candidate can’t fill a high school gymnasium.
  2. The Chairwoman of the Nevada state Democratic convention seeks asylum in the Federal Witness Protection Program.
  3. The US Attorney General meets in secret with the husband of the winning candidate who is currently under FBI investigation.
  4. All of the above.

B. Standing in line at an Arizona voting station, how long should you wait before deciding your vote will be ignored, suppressed or flipped to the winning candidate?

1. Two days.

2. Wait, I can’t find my voting station!

3. This is a trick question since Arizona doesn’t allow its citizens to vote for whomever they want.

4. None of the above, except maybe “3.”

C. Why do you believe the American media totally blew it in 2016?

1. They were engulfed by a fog of confusion and incompetence.

2. They were part of nationwide conspiracy to crown Hillary Clinton president.

3. They made a wrong turn leaving Iowa.

4. Most journalism jobs had been taken over by illegal immigrants who couldn’t speak English.

5. Vladimir Putin frightened them off

6. How the hell should I know?


To relive those glorious days of the 2016 Bernie campaign, check out mine and Bill Dahlgren’s “CHANNELING BERNIE,” ad campaign. 51 glorious ads in pursuit of the real American Dream.


America The (Once) Beautiful

Has there ever been a time in our history when the moral fabric that undergirds America’s laws and behavior has been so shredded that it represents an immediate threat to the republic’s survival?

If not, then that time has arrived. 


Under President Donald J. Trump.

The Existential Threat himself.

Trump is not merely a rogue president, or a half-demented billionaire run amuck with the playground toys of the presidency. He is a clear and present danger whose actions and words repeatedly challenge the principles of justice, ethics and humanity this country was founded upon. 

Under Trump, America is no longer one nation indivisible, but one nation totally divided. Under Trump, neighbor is encouraged to hate and fear neighbor, branches of the government no longer work together, and the Truth has become so twisted and tormented it is most often unrecognizable.

Can’t help but wonder what
they’re plotting…?

Under Trump there is no transparency or honoring of tradition to explain any of his aberrant behavior. Should we be surprised that the same man who colluded with Russia, a de facto enemy, to steal the 2016 election, is the very President who used military aid to extort the Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival? A Ukraine so weak and under threat by Russia that its very existence could hang in the balance?

Under Trump, Republicans appear to have abandoned their values, their commitment to national security and their ability to recognize or speak the truth. 

Under Trump, none of the ordinary safeguards of the two-party political system appear to be in place. Rather than serve the nation that pays their salaries, Trump’s political sycophants give their allegiance to Trump in the same way Mafia soldiers serve their Don. 

The Great Seal of Ukraine
(Not a shithole country!)

In light of the events of the last two days, it is sadly obvious that the Departments of State and Justice have become rogue arms of our government. Where one appears to have dived head first into the attempt to bully the Ukraine at the expense of our National Security, the other is totally focused on protecting a President whose every word and deed seems to defy our laws and Constitution.

And now both departments have drawn their wagons in a circle around the White House.

Hang on, Nelly!

And now, under Trump, these forces battle to hold onto the levers of power they were never worthy of. And Trump will never release those levers, no matter what happens.

If he goes down, he’ll try to take all of us with him. Count on it!

And what about us? 

Like children caught in the crossfire, we are left to watch—shocked, frightened and frozen—as the United States government under Trump, undergoes a psychotic breakdown, and attempts, against all rational belief, to turn a lie into the truth, and a country into a nation of dullards too stupid to know the difference.

Under Trump, we are all in danger. 

Especially those of us who don’t know it.


“Hello, Xi Jinping’s Chinese Garden. Order for pick up or delivery, please?”


“And what is name?”

“And what is name?”

“Donald The President.”

“Donald The President? President of what?”

“Of the United States, you moron! What are you, a Fake News reporter? I’ll tell you when to ask questions. And when you have a question, I want you to raise your hand.” 

“Raise hand? On phone? Why?”

“Again with the questions! Why does everyone want to question me? I guess there’s nobody else worth questioning. That’s because I give great answers. Best answers anywhere. Everyone says so.”

“Are you ready to order, Mr. President?”

“Yes, I’m ordering from your take out menu. (calling to someone in the room) Rudy, Mike, Billy…what do you guys want? (murmurs rise in the distance) Really? (into the phone) Are you ready?”

“Fire away!”

“Just remember, if you take notes of this call, you have to burn them when we’re through.”

“Sure, always burn notes. Only way Chinese Communist restaurant stay in business. What is order, please?”

“First, we want three orders of Shit-on-Biden, extra spicy.”

“Large size or small?”

“Super-size! Can I get those with photos?”

Shit-on-Biden, extra spicy.

“Three order, Shit-on-Biden with photos! You want photos showing Biden fooling around with Chinese women, maybe, or mongrel dogs? Perfect for casual slander or dedicated destruction of reputation. Today’s special: fake photos of Joe Biden naked or in underwear?”

“What kind of underwear?”

Looking good, Joe!


“We’ll take a dozen of both.  Can I get poster sized blow-ups?”

“Of course. Is very popular item on menu.” 

“You know, I just realized something, Xi. This a beautiful phone call. Don’t you think? Simply beautiful. If Lindsey Graham were here kissing my derriere, he’d damn well agree.”


“Next I’d like three orders of Sweet-and-Sour-Bullshit; the kind despots order when they’re winning a trade war.”

“Three order Sweet-and-Sour-Bullshit. With or without beansprouts?”

“Beansprouts? I don’t give a shit about beansprouts. Are you making a joke?”

“Beansprouts! I don’t give a shit about beansprouts.”

“No, no. Sorry, no joke. Also, no beansprouts.”

“Okay, now this is important, I want you to send the bill for our order to the Department of the Treasury, attention Stevie M.”

“Department of Treasury?”

“Did you just ask another question?” 

“Sorry, you not see, I first raise hand.” 

“You sure you’re not working with Crooked Hillary or her skirt-chasing husband? Or perhaps Adam Schiff is wire-tapping this phone call…?”

“Xi Jinping have one more question, Mr. President.”

“I can tell your hand is raised, so ask away.”

“What happen if Treasury Department refuse pay bill?” 

Then send it to Present Zelensky in Kiev. I believe that’s located in Ukraine. If it hasn’t already been moved to Russia.”

“Zelensky is also President?”

President of a shithole country.

“Yeah, but of a shithole country.”

But what if Zelensky tell me ‘no,’ just like Treasury Department?”

“If Zelensky says no, tell him I’ll be sending him those Javelin missiles he asked for. And very soon!

“Oh, and don’t forget the fortune cookies.”

From Donald With Love.