Leave It To Hillary!

“Dad, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, Beaver. What would you like to know?”

“Something I don’t understand.”

“Ask away, that’s what I’m here for.”

“You told me it was wrong to cheat and that cheaters always get caught.”Beaver3

“Well, I’m not sure they always get caught, Beaver. But it definitely is wrong to cheat.”

“This morning Wally said that gang on TV—the one holding their national Invention…”

“I think you mean con-vention, Beaver The Democratic National Convention.”

“Yeah, well Wally said they got caught cheating. Is that right?”

“Yes, Beaver, the Democrats were caught cheating.”

“Wally said they were liars and cheaters.”

Ward“Well they are, son. And they got caught doing both.”

“Why did they lie and cheat, Dad…?”

“Well, you’re a little young to understand this, Beaver. It’s kind of an adult thing. The Democrats wanted their candidate to beat out some other candidate…”

“And they cheated to win?”

“Yes, they did. They did all sorts of nasty things so their candidate would win. They made it so hard for anyone but their candidate to win that, naturally, their candidate ended up winning.”

“But then they got caught, right? Isn’t that like when Wally and I were trying to win that dollar Mom promised to whoever made his bed the best for a week? And Wally kept messing up my bed so I wouldn’t win?”

“Yes, it’s very much like that, Beaver.”

“And when Wally got caught, Mom took back the dollar and gave it to me, didn’t she?”

Cleavers“She sure did, Beaver. By cheating, Wally gave up his right to keep the dollar.”

“What did you call it when Wally gave back the dollar?”

“I said he was disqualified.”

“Yeah, that’s right! And weren’t all those Russian athletes dis…, uh, dis…, dis…?”

“Disqualified? Yes, they were kicked out of the Olympics for cheating.”

“So why does the fake winner of the Democratic Convention get to keep her winnings?”

“Because her name is Hillary Clinton.”

Read my “DNC PENTALOGY,” five essays about David (Bernie) getting shafted by Goliath (Hillary) and her merry band of Philistines. The four essays (in order of appearance): “BRAND SUICIDE, the Destruction of the Democratic Brand in 2016,” “The CDC Issues “CLINTON TOXICITY ALERT!” Warns Contact Could Prove Fatal To One’s Reputation,” “DEMOCRATS USE RUSSIANS AS SHIELD TO RE-FOCUS EMAIL STORY—PR PLOY OF THE CENTURY,”  “IS THAT YOUR IDEA OF AN APOLOGY?” AND  “DON’T BLAME ME IF I CRITICIZE HILLARY.”


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“Don’t Blame Me If I Criticize Hillary!”

halo hillaryThe following was written in response to an email criticizing me for my satirical essay, “THE CDC Issues “CLINTON TOXICITY ALERT!” Warns Contact Could Prove Fatal To One’s Reputation.” The critic faulted me for humorously attacking Hillary and thus helping Trump win the presidency. Having puzzled over just that question myself—Can I criticize Hillary without helping Trump?—I wrote a response that helped clarify the issue; hopefully for my critic, but definitely for myself. Perhaps this could be of help to you and others out there in the shattered realms of BernieLand.

Dear (Name Redacted):

First off, I do not wish for a Donald Trump presidency, nor do I fear that my posting has the power to become a causative factor in that outcome. That being said, I must tell you honestly that a Hillary Clinton presidency would not be much better, except for the probable impact on the Supreme Court makeup. I believe Hillary will take us into war more readily than any of the candidates out there, and I am sick to my core that America has caused so much unnecessary death and destruction around the world. We act as if we were spiteful two-year olds and the planet was our private playground.

I also believe, as my essay indicated, the Clintons have shown themselves to be pigs at the trough of the American political system. If you believe they made (approx.) $130 million in two years without selling something in return, you are a lot less cynical than me. In my essay about their toxicity, I may have jested about them damaging individual lives and careers, as well as the Justice Department, the FBI, and the DNC, but I MEANT IT! I believe they are sordid, money-grubbing opportunists, of which Hillary’s compromising the entire Democratic primary is just another example.

Had Bernie won the nomination, as I think he could have (and possibly did), he could have knocked Trump out of the ring without raising a sweat. Hillary cheated herself into the nomination, and I am not the one to blame for her perfidy. Nor is my essay to blame for a criminal successfully pulling off her crime. If the Democratic Party hasn’t enough integrity to admit the primary process was stolen with its active assistance, or enough sense of honor and civic regard to disqualify the individual who stole their flag, don’t blame anyone who stands up and cries “Foul!”

Deriding people like myself who object to our democracy being degraded by a woman whose very actions prove her unworthy of the presidency, is to blame the messenger for the message.

Blame instead the American media for purposefully ignoring the biggest news event of the year—the theft of the Democratic nomination. Blame Obama for not using his power to stop the election fraud and prevent the subversion of America’s electoral system. Yes, there are plenty of people and institutions to blame before you ever get to me.

In addition to the Clintons, I blame a thoroughly corrupt Democratic Party and a complicit American press that deserves to be vilified for its year-long silence about pervasive and blatant election fraud. And don’t forget to blame the gullible American voters who appear almost eager to buy Trump’s brand of snake oil. But of all these, the Clintons are the most culpable and the ones who, as my essay suggests, spread their toxicity and corruption throughout the halls of government and across the body politic.

If you read another of my recent election-focused posts, “BRAND SUICIDE, The Destruction of the Democratic Brand in 2016,” you’ll see the world as reflected in my eyes when it comes to Hillary and the DNC. Together, they have stolen the nomination, or at least so poisoned and destroyed any hope of a fair Democratic primary process that we will never know for sure who actually won. If you only get your news from the Mainstream Media-ocrity you will have no idea what I am speaking about, which is why I suggest you read “BRAND SUICIDE.”

Returning to your concern about Trump, who I believe couldn’t win the presidency without having Hillary as his opponent, I don’t have a simple answer. Perhaps I’ll start writing satire about him to counteract my writings about Bill and Hillary. There’s too much time between now and November for me to figure out all the wrinkles now.

More likely than my satirical essays damaging Hillary’s chances in the election, I believe Hillary’s own actions will eventually do her in. Something in her past will come up to bite her in the ass, while her docile, unquestioning supporters will be standing out in the rain wondering what happened…?  Hillary and Bill have committed so many questionable acts in their long and scandal-studded careers that someone—WikiLeaks, Guccifer, Gufficer 2 or Guccifer 32—will almost certainly drop a bomb during the election. You can count on it.

In conclusion, Name Redacted, I am not trying to help Trump when I speak my mind about Hillary’s character, or lack thereof. Rather, I feel an obligation to warn my fellow Americans when they are about to bite into something that may look good but is ultimately rotten and bad for their health.

Perhaps, like me, they will then choose to vote for Jill Stein.

In Fellowship,

Paul Steven Stone


Read my “DNC QUADRILOGY,” four essays about David (Bernie) getting shafted by Goliath (Hillary) and her merry band of Philistines. The four essays (in order of appearance): “BRAND SUICIDE, the Destruction of the Democratic Brand in 2016,” “The CDC Issues “CLINTON TOXICITY ALERT!” Warns Contact Could Prove Fatal To One’s Reputation,” “DEMOCRATS USE RUSSIANS AS SHIELD TO RE-FOCUS EMAIL STORY—PR PLOY OF THE CENTURY,” and “IS THAT YOUR IDEA OF AN APOLOGY?” “

To relive those glorious days of the Bernie campaign, check out my and Bill Dahlgren’s “CHANNELING BERNIE,” ad campaign. 50 glorious ads in pursuit of the real American Dream.


Not since Bill Clinton admitted he made mistakes in office that required him to ask for forgiveness has anyone flown so close to an apology without ever actually landing.hillary

Up until yesterday, that is, when the Democratic National Committee ponied up to the embarrassment bar to render their abject and sincere apology for getting caught saying things in emails they should never have said.

Okay, I thought, that would serve as an apology appetizer, but what about the main course? What about apologizing for all the wrongful actions you took that ended up with Hillary the declared winner of a nomination she never actually won? What about the purged voter lists, the mysteriously switched party registrations, the flipped electronic ballots, the wholesale trashing of provisional ballots, the five hour lines, the incredible shrinking number of polling places? And what about that travesty in Nevada? Doesn’t any of that Stalin-esque activity PERPETRATED BY DEMOCRATS ON DEMOCRATS warrant an apology?

The Mainstream Media-ocrity has a real problem with this. Because up until yesterday they pretended to see no evil where the Democratic primaries were concerned. But then, in light of WikiLeaks dumping 20,000 DNC emails they were forced to acknowledge what they had refused to see for almost a year, that the DNC had rigged the entire primary process so their anointed candidate would be declared The People’s Choice.

HILLARY IS NOT THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE! Why she should still be treated as such is beyond me. In America we pride ourselves on not allowing criminals to reap the fruits of their crimes. If we were to act responsibly—with real integrity—we would either throw out the Democratic primary results entirely and do it all over, or just declare Hillary disqualified for cheating. Exactly what is now being done to Russian Olympic athletes for their cheating.

Ask yourself, if Lance Armstrong isn’t allowed to keep any of his victories why should Hillary Clinton? Both were cheaters of the highest caliber. The only difference is, when Hillary goes down there are a lot of people who go down with her.

Among Democrats and Independents Hillary is not The People’s Choice, no matter how much the press and Democratic Establishment pretend and wish it otherwise. There are many people who, after creating statistical models based on reasonable hypotheses, declare Bernie the winner hands down. One statistical analysis posits a Bernie win of the California primary, 69% to Hillary’s 31%. A primary Hillary supposedly won 56% to 43%.

The Democratic National Committee can keep their hollow anemic apology to themselves. They were guilty of so much more than they’ve admitted or apologized for. They were guilty of suppressing the votes of their own voters! How much worse could a political party have behaved, short of shooting their own party members?

This entire fiasco has proven two things to me, possibly to millions of others. First the Democratic Party is an institutional dinosaur run by folks focused mainly on protecting their feathered nests and, secondly, Hillary Clinton is not worthy of the office to which she aspires.

Try apologizing for that!


Careful, they are skilled at stealth attacks.

They can change a story overnight, even the big ones—that’s why they’re paid the big bucks. And now, they’re taking on their biggest challenge. Convincing the American people and whatever media isn’t owned by the Democratic Party to start talking about the Russian involvement in hacked DNC emails rather than boorishly continuing to talk about the content of the emails themselves.

hammerI can hear the PR guy now, in my aching head, “Okay, we’ll act as if WE ARE THE VIOLATED PARTY, not Bernie. Get it, those were OUR EMAILS and we think THE RUSSIANS DID IT! (caps and exclamation point to indicate over-emphasis). How do you like it so far? We can point to Trump’s kiss-ass love for Putin as a reason in itself. Mr. and Mrs. Supid-Ass Public won’t bother about the DNC once we bring in the Russians. Hell, this might even add a brass ball or two to Hillary’s macho image!”

Sorry, but PR and ad guys are exactly like that. It’s amazing one can stand being in the same room with them! Nowhere in the discussion will the question of right and wrong make an appearance. The client is always in the right, and right enough to deserve any lie, any measure of bogus luster added to her besieged image.

Yes, it’s the RUSSIANS AGAINST HILLARY, and if you don’t believe me, ask the New York Times which has been embarrassingly behind on the DNC bias story the entire primary season. So far behind as to be in a different  century. Or under strict corporate orders to affect blindness.

So watch, this story will loom larger everyday, looming large enough to obscure any question of Hillary’s legitimacy.  Obama and the Congress will get involved. “Can’t let the Russians interfere with OUR democracy!” Accusations will be made, names will be called…all so that Hillary’s corrupt ascension to the Democratic nomination will not get cast in a shadow.

Here is the warning I posted on my Facebook page:




Forearmed is forewarned, friend. You will soon start to notice planted stories about the Russians; the Democrats using the Mainstream Media-ocrity as if they were their partners as well as the party’s distributors of bogus rumors.These Democratic Party spokespeople also repeatedly warn about the obvious—that more hacked emails have yet to come!  More storm and fury is on the way, even as Donna Brazile does her best to look offended. Yes, more emails are coming—they’d don’t know when—more evidence of their candidate’s culpability in a million-and-one schemes. The possibilities are as varied and complex as the Clinton imagination itself.

Bringing out the RUSSIANS is like taking a penicillin shot. If the public doesn’t believe it at first, say it again….And pray the infection goes away. If it persists, say it again, and again, and say it louder— LOUDER, STILL! “THIS IS ALL THE RUSSIANS’ FAULT!”—Say it once, twice, a dozen times; say it on CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Even ESPN!

Every time they say it, they further inoculate Hillary against almost anything WikiLeaks might send her way.

Or so they hope.

Which is why I’m writing this blog. As a timely warning to all that we are about to be brainwashed by a team of the greatest brainwashers in the history of Public Relations.But also as a wake up call should we be unknowingly brainwashed. Because when they’re done, it will be a wonder if we can still remember our own names, much less some email hacked by the evil-doing Russians.

As I said in my warning…


The CDC Issues “CLINTON TOXICITY ALERT!” Warns Contact Could Prove Fatal To One’s Reputation.


Following a string of highly visible career implosions centered around Washington, D.C., Little Rock Arkansas and New York City, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta issued a stern warning to anyone considering an alliance—personal or professional—with Bill or Hillary Clinton.Clintons

According to the CDC’s CLINTON TOXICITY ALERT, “There are two types of professional fatalities commonly associated with the Clintons: Individual and Institutional.” Individual Professional Toxic Infection usually occurs after experiencing regular or occasional contact with Hillary or Bill Clinton, where inevitably one is drawn into a web of deceit, dishonesty and self-enrichment. “Almost always,” the alert continues, “to the detriment of the victim’s reputation, as well as to their soul and moral compass.”

Recent toxic outbreaks cited by the CDC, where reputations and careers were unalterably stained or ruined because of Clinton contact include Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, President Barack Obama, Congresswoman and ex-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Clinton son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky, Senators Elizabeth Warren, Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer, and State Department IT expert Bryan Pagliano. In most cases, the CDC notes, Clinton Toxic Infection victims were leading normal, ethical and non-criminal lives when without warning they came within infection range of Bill or Hillary Clinton.

The CDC cites one recent case where the victim had as little as 30 minutes contact with a toxic Clinton. Blithely ignorant of being infected, she later explained, “We were only speaking about grandchildren and golf,” as if the superficiality of the conversation should have protected her from a toxic infection of her moral foundation. Later actions proved her highly susceptible to the sudden moral shrinkage that comes with Clinton Toxic Infection, her reputation now in tatters and universally execrated.

The fatal diminishment of institutional reputations is a common outgrowth of Clinton contact, especially regular ongoing contact. Institutions whose reputations were irredeemably stained or besmeared by contact with the Clintons include The U.S. Presidency, The U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. State Department, The FBI, the Democratic Party, Goldman Sachs and the Clinton Foundation, though the latter is often listed as a perpetrator rather than a victim in the spread of the fatal disease.

Individuals or organizations who fear they may have experienced intimate contact with Hillary or Bill Clinton are advised to immediately seek counsel from a priest, Jimmy Carter or an exorcist.